Summer Day | Summer Night

Aikatsu! - 78 19.18

Type Sexy and Pop
Status Disbanded
"WM, let's shine!"

Mizuki and Mikuru's group catchphrase, first heard in episode 78 of the anime adaption

WM (pronounced Double M) is an idol unit consisting of Mikuru Natsuki and Mizuki Kanzaki. The unit debuted in the Data Carddass Aikatsu! 2014 Series - 4th collection and in Episode 78 of the anime. The unit had officially disbanded after the Twinkle Star Cup that ended on Episode 100, and had made a special one-time performance in Episode 173.


Mikuru and Mizuki first met when Mizuki was still a student of Starlight School. She was preparing for a concert, but was having difficulty choosing the coord she should wear when Mikuru showed up delivering flowers. After the then florist took notice of the cards, Mizuki explained about how the coords were supposed to make her shine, but can only show the sides her fans have already seen. She then stated that she wanted to change but couldn't. Mikuru smiled after hearing the idol's problem and asked her if she would like to see Mikuru's Miracle, in which she then proceed to prepare a Good Coord for her.

Afterwards, Mikuru watched Mizuki's concert and was amazed at how she could smile to so many people, which was a contrast to the one-on-one smiles she brought to the customers at her shop.

At some point, after she left Dream Academy, Mizuki went to find Mikuru and form their unit, WM.

Unit Dress Cards

The unit dresses of WM were seen in the 2014 4th collection's Campaign Rare cards. The coords' names are: Summer Day Miracle Coord, Summer Day Moon Coord, Summer Night Miracle Coord, and Summer Night Moon Coord, respectively.

There were performances where WM used cards other than their original unit cards, and the names are: Aquarium Coord, Yacht Casual Coord, Sapphire Virgo Coord and Ruby Cancer Coord.



  • WM, or Double M, refers to Miracle and Moon. Miracle referring to Mikuru, and Moon referring to Mizuki.
  • This is the first and only unit that Mizuki has been a part of in which she is not the leader.
  • This is the third known duo unit.
  • This is the first unit to have a known manager.
  • This is the first known duo unit to share an aura.
  • This unit is ranked first in the "Unit" category of the Aikatsu Ranking.
  • This is the first known unit to have two sets of unit coords.
  • This is the first known official unit to have more than one unit song.
  • This is the second unit whose unit coords are brand designs.
  • As of Episode 99, this unit has lasted the longest (22 episodes) without going on hiatus or disbanding, beating out Tristar (15 episodes).
    • Coincidentally, Mizuki was a member of both these units.
  • In Episode 100, their winning streak ended when 2wingS emerged victorious.
  • Despite losing to 2wingS in the Twinkle Star Cup, WM surpassed Masquerade nonetheless and thus is considered a legend as well.
  • This is the first unit to have 2 special appeals performed in one known performance in the anime.


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