Although this blog entry is based on this one I posted at the Aikatsu Stars! Wikia, this is for the Aikatsu! anime at large which includes this one being the "foundation" (and still is the best to me having a special place in my heart).

So as some of you (or maybe all now?) may know, I am one of the members at the GameFAQs' anime discussion boards who always attempts to write synopses for the Aikatsu! anime adaption as a whole when the TLs get posted for each episode (which includes the original which we're on now, and Aikatsu Stars!). And I enjoy every single minute of writing it.

What I would like to know if there is anyone else here who does synopsis writing regarding this anime for the anime discussion boards that you all go to and/or who are also curious about seeing mine (not conceited, of course; but I just get excited about sharing about what I've written with others who are into this anime overall). Also, if you are also a member of the GameFAQs forums, let me know so we can discuss further on your respective walls so I can get you on the community board I have for us legitimate Aikatsu! fans (which is also where I posted the episode synopses as well).

Oh, and did I mention I still love the Aikatsu! original anime art style for the main girls a little more than Aikatsu Stars! (note, that doesn't mean I don't like the art style for Aikatsu Stars! because it's... slightly different; it's just that I get a little more energy from the art style from the Aikatsu! original anime a little more, especially from all the main girls there).

All right; I'm out for now. Hope to hear from you all very soon!

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