Hi all, not to steal thunder from CureLightning's post talking about the movie special Aikatsu! The Pursuit of the Magical Aikatsu Card, but I had the chance to see it as well and although I was nearly crying seeing that this was the "final stage" for the original franchise's cast (all main girl teams, of course!), they definitely made sure to deliver from every angle so that they wouldn't be forgotten in the long run from start to finish. And I'm still a supporter for them to this day.

Okay, to the chase - granted the "celebration" that we've seen was nothing short of awesome. But this may sound crazy, but in my honest opinion, they all deserve a "hug party" from us because they were really at their best to deliver. Granted, I'm sure we'd hug them all regardless of the "teams" they represented, but the question still has to be asked: which main girls (regardless of the "team" the represented) would you go after for our "hug party shoutouts"?

For example, as for me: granted, although I'd go after all (no doubt!), I really wish I could hug the Starlight main girl team under Akari's leadership after seeing them in those outfits during that "conflict" with you-know-who to get that special card back. If they had those outfits on if I actually hugged them, it would be a huge plus because they looked really fantastic at that time (especially Akari, Sumire, Hinaki, and Juri). With that said, other top targets would include Ichigo, Seira, Kii, Sora, Maria, Aoi, Ran, and Otome. (My gosh, that's almost everyone!)

Anyway, I hope I'm not confusing you all, but that should explain everything. And with that said, let's get this started, everyone! I'm out for now.

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