Hi min'na. Today I will share about my top 10 favorite characters. Let's watch!!!

1st : Hoshimiya Ichigo: She's kind of cute and I love Cute Type. She loves food and me too! Strawberry is wonderful.

2nd : Kanzaki Mizuki : Mizuki is Ichigo's senpai. She teaches Ichigo so much! She is the best Starlight Queen ever.

3rd : Ozora Akari : She is so great with her stages. LOVE AKARI.

4th : Arisugawa Otome : Love you! Otome loves sweets, concidently I love sweet too! Love her brand Happy Rainbow.

5th : Hikami Sumire : She's kind of misterious but I still love her. Btw, she has an Aikatsu Wiki prize.

6th : Kiriya Aoi: Such a beautiful and talent actress. I love to watch her movie.

7th : Shibuki Ran : Ran is a Beautiful Blade. So great if everyone call her that name.

8th : Todo Yurika : Loli Gothic is one of my favorite brand. Yurika is one of my fave character too!

9th : Shinjo Hinaki : Nothing to say, she is so so so wonderful!

10th : Natsuki Mikuru : Love her so much!

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