(Almost finished but comments/critics are greatly appreciated) I notice this wikia is severly lacking in arcade song department. I only see the cardass mentioned in individual song page infobox. So I will try list what songs avaliable when and how to unlock them. For participants: solo means there is no character other than you (or whoever you chose to sing), if there is only 1 named characters participate, then you will fight them in audition, if there are more than 1 named characters participate, then they will work with you in audition. Dunno if this mean raising their team bar.
Main page:!_2014_Series_-_Part_4

1 Player

Main Audition

These are avaliable songs WITHOUT using the ID. I can confirm that using ID will alter the song list

# Song Song type Difficulty Participant Item get
1 SHINING LINE* Cute*1 4
2 CHU-CHU♡RAINBOW Pop Michelle
3 Take Me Higher Sexy Yurika&Kaede
4 Happy Crescendo Cute Ran & Aoi
5 Precious Sexy Airi Proof of Virgo*2, Virgo ticket
6 Idol Katsudo Cute solo
7 prism spiral Cool solo
8 Diamond Happy Pop solo
9 CHU-CHU♡RAINBOW Pop Otome OR Kii*3
10 Growing for a dream Cute ☆☆ solo
11 Precious Sexy ☆☆ Sora
12 Diamond Happy Pop ☆☆ solo
13 prism spiral Cool ☆☆☆ solo
14 CHU-CHU♡RAINBOW Pop ☆☆☆ Otome
15 Happiness on the same Earth *4 Cute ☆☆☆ Maria
16 Precious Sexy ☆☆☆ Mizuki

1 I remember somewhere in this wikia said that Shining Line doesn't have designated Song Type. Well, I can confirm this one is Cute
2 I don't know why this appear here, but I get it
3 Yeah, either they change or I miswrote Otome at first
4 Intially locked.. in free mode! Yeah, good luck opening this song

Challenging Idols

Only 3 songs

Precious *2
Idol Katsudo *1 with season 2 Akari
Precious *3 versus Hikari (I need to re-confirm this one)

New Idol

(haven't try)

Constellation Cup

This option just get revealed appear appoximately 3 months after the game release. I'm not sure if it based on real life 3 months or it need certain amount of play. To play it you will need either Virgo or Taurus proof

Partners Cup

A 4-rounds tournament with bracket. The songs are fixed
Round 1 :Move on now!
Round 2 : ?[[]]



# Song Song type Participant Participant2 Participant3
1 Move on now! Sexy ☆ solo ☆☆ solo ☆☆☆ solo
2 Glass Doll Cool ☆ solo ☆☆ solo ☆☆☆ solo
3 Original Star Cute ☆ solo ☆☆ Ran & Aoi ☆☆☆ vs Ichigo*1 and a meek sidle*2
4 Diamond Happy Pop ☆ Aoi & Ichigo ☆☆☆ solo _
5 Calendar Girl Cute ☆ Ran & Aoi _ _
6 Aurora Princess Cute Yuka ☆☆ team*3 ☆☆☆ Maria
7 Prism spiral Cool ☆ Shion ☆☆ Seira ☆☆☆ Aoi
8 Idol Katsudo*4 Cool ☆ Shion ☆☆ Seira ☆☆☆ Seira
9 Angel Snow Pop ☆ solo ☆☆ solo ☆☆☆ solo

1 despite the label solo, all 3 of you compete in this live
2 I can't remember her name
3 You get to pick your own team member (1)
4 the rock version is still writen as Idol Katsudo in screen


# Song Song type Participant Participant2 Participant3
1 Magical Time *3 ☆ 5 persons ☆☆ Aoi ☆☆☆ 5 persons
2 Moonlight destiny ☆ Ran ☆☆ solo ☆☆☆ solo
3 Ponytail After School ☆ Otome ☆☆ solo ☆☆☆ Kii
4 Happiness on the same Earth ☆ solo ☆☆ solo ?
5 Trap of Love ☆ Hikari ☆☆ Ran ☆☆☆ Ran
6 Growing for a dream ☆☆☆ Maria _ _
7 Kira・pata・shining ☆ Airi ☆☆☆ sora _
8 KIRA☆Power ☆ Seira ☆☆ team *4 ☆☆☆ Yurika
9 Dance in the rain ☆ Kii & Seira ☆☆ Yuka ☆☆☆ Ichigo
10 Prism spiral *1

1 Prism spiral disappear when I check it
2 I haven't write who do we fight in 3rd difficulty of Happiness on the same Earth
3 there is probably song types but at this point, I'm too tired
4 You get to pick your own team member (1)
My old note said there is something but when I check Fashion again on March, I find there are no song between Moonlight destiny and Ponytail After School. I'm not sure if this confirm that freestyle songs are depend on how many songs were played in same machine


# Song Song type Participant Participant2 Participant3
1 Chocolate case ☆ Kii ☆☆ Otome
2 Mitreasure
3 Wonderland Mizuki?
4 Thrilling Dream
5 Midnight Sky high

2 players mode


Song battle against your friend. In time to do Special Appeal, if both of you doing good it will count as draw and the special appeal won't appear



February 27
not my lucky day, the machine can be played but no sound and my feet still hurt.
March 21 they still haven't fix the sound of the machine in nearby mall
Took me half hour but I finally make this .html/wikia table
April 27
Completing many songs. I experiment with formatting because Wikia's mobile-unfriendly format Also wikia suddenly become better for mobille device. Dunno what happened

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