Aikatsu Blog Topic: Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! Today I'm going to be discussing the future of Aikatsu and Aikatsu Stars. Let's start off with the first series. Aikatsu has 4 seasons. The overall main characters are Ichigo who is the main protagonist in seasons 1 and 2. While in season 3 and 4 Akari was. Now many people thought there was going to be a 5th season. But it ended up turning out to be a whole new series. While there are many similar things in both series you can see throughout the seasons 1-4 the idol auras are changing little by little. Then in aikatsu stars it was nothing like the original. Also in the second season of Aikatsu Stars it is said that you must earn your wings. While in the original series that you actually need premium rare dress from the top designer. Well that's all I have for you today have a nice night or day!

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