Hello everyone! I'm back with my final series thoughts blog! After this, I won't make these anymore. I may make one for the Targeted Aikatsu Card movie if you'd like me to~ I'm always accepting your suggestions!

Episode 166 announced the Starlight Queen Cup which will most likely be the finale of this season (and the series). Although the episode seemed to focus on Sumire, I feel like she didn't really get any development which makes me sad since she's my favorite. Oh well... Her new PR the Blue Empress Coord is just so amazing and I love Queen of Roses too! The fever appeal was pretty awesome too!

Episode 167 was more on the simple side as far as episodes go. It really did a good job showing how important it is for a designer and idol to have a good bond and I liked that. I also enjoyed getting another performance of Blooming Blooming since that is such a good song! It wasn't my favorite episode but it was a nice one... Can't wait to see Dreamy Crown's new PR dress!

Episode 168 was really cute! It was especially important for Lisa since she was worried if the Starlight Queen Cup would change her friendship with Nono. I seriously love their friendship so much and I'm happy to see the Starlight Queen Cup won't effect it. Lucy was so great in this episode too! Her advice for Lisa was really sweet and I feel it applies to real life as well. Oh and I love the Silky Love Devil Coord, it's perfect!

I think episode 169 may be one of the best episodes of the season! Because, MIKURU!!! I missed you so much! I fangirled so hard when she sang Adult Mode, that is one of the best Aikatsu songs without a doubt! Mikuru, Hinaki, and Kayoko are such a great little trio! I just love how they went around getting inspiration and I feel like Mikuru should be a mentor to Hinaki.. She gave such good advice to her too! I love the Street Art Coord and Hello Hello. Miki's voice wasn't too bad in it! I'm sure you guys know that I'm not the biggest fan of Miki but in this song she sounded great! I'm happy Hinaki got some good development in this episode (unlike poor Sumire ;w;)

Episode 170.... Woah... Just woah! It wasn't the most eventful episode ever but we got to finally see the White Sky Veil Coord, and it's amazing! One of the most beautiful PR dresses in the series! And Akari's performance of Start Dash Sensation.... Awesome! Seriously, Ruka's voice was wonderful in that performance!

Episode 171 was the cutest thing ever!!! I seriously love the friendship between Madoka and Rin, it's definetly one of the cutest friendships in the series! I was really happy to hear Friend again and I actually quite liked their performance! And the fact that Rin made Madoka a birthday cake was just too sweet! I just wish they used different coords though! XD

I loved episode 172! It's kinda sad that we don't get to see DreAca very often but I was happy to see them in their only episode this season! And... Noelle! She's an idol and she's adorable! I never expected her to be an idol so that was a nice surprise. I also enjoyed seeing the DreAca girls perform as well since they had some nice songs! Too bad Seira only had the rock version of Idol Activity since all her other songs were with Ichigo.

Here we go! The Starlight Queen Cup is about to start! Episode 173 was the kickoff before the girls perform in the next few episodes! It was another big surprise to see WM again since they were a cute unit. Seriously, I can't get enough of Mikuru! She's the best! And Johnny trying to find out who the guest was... Hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing! And Aoi's fangirling over WM returning was funny too! Season 4 is just full of surprises!

Woah... Is all I can say about episode 174! I never expected how nerve wracking the Starlight Queen Cup to be as high as it is! It's practically life changing! I kinda thought it was random that Juri got a new PR out of nowhere but it was a nice Coord! I liked her performance but I think Lisa totally stole the show here! I love Move on Now and I was so happy to see Lisappe perform it!

Episode 175 was just as intense and had me at the edge of my seat! Nono, Rin, and Madoka did great even if they didn't win... The fever appeals are pretty neat too... I just kinda wish that they all weren't getting A ranks since I feel like not all the main characters should have A ranks. I'm so nervous for the next episode! Go Sumire!!!

Episode 176..... What just happened?! Hinaki took the number 1 spot (good for her) but Sumire.... S-Sumire.... FAILED?! ;w; RANT INCOMING: I'm so upset right now! Why did Sumire have to fail her fever appeal of all of the characters?! It's so obvious that they wanted Akari to win that the writers decided to have Sumire fail her appeal! I like Akari and all but that's not fair to Sumire! I feel like it was forshadowed back in episode 166 and in her song too. But what the heck were they thinking? It would've been nice if someone who wasn't the main character could become Starlight Queen but Bandai just wants Sumire, the fan favorite, to FREAKING FAIL HER FEVER APPEAL!!! Sorry if I'm very salty right now, I'm just really really upset. Poor Sumire. First, no character development be now this?! She deserved better ;w;

Episode 177.... WOW! I was amazed by Akari's performance even if Sumire's results made me cry and seeing her tear up made me cry more. But wow, I can't get over how chilling that was! And when Akari won Starlight Queen (which was a bit predictable) I couldn't help but cry happy tears. She has come such a long way and I felt like she definetly deserved it after all she's been through. Say what you want about Akari, I love her. I also cried more seeing Ichigo give Akari the tiara and hug her since its Ichigo that inspired Akari to be an idol. This was such a satisfying ending for the Starlight Queen Cup.

Episode 178 was just as amazing! Soleil and Luminas hanging out together, what else could be more perfect?! I admittedly sang along with Calendar Girl when they were performing since that's one of my favorite songs ever. Then there was that marathon with Ichigo and Akari and all the other characters of Aikatsu from both generations and the exchange students were there too! It made me so happy to see everyone one last time!

And, that's the end! I can't believe I finished Aikatsu! It is truly one of the best idol animes out there and I'm happy to have found it and watched it. Each season has been better than the previous and the animation and characters have come a long way. I don't know if I'd ever rewatch the whole series but I'd definetly choose the episodes I enjoyed the most. The fashion and songs are another thing that I enjoyed too! Thank you everyone who kept up with my blogs! Now don't worry, I will definetly review the Magical Aikatsu Card movie once I find it and watch it. Have a fabulous day!

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