Hello everyone! How're you doing? I'm back with a new review and this time it's the Aikatsu targeted card movie! (I can't remember the title XD) it came out with the AiStars movie last summer.

The story is kinda... Random. But basically, Akari and co are looking for the magical Aikatsu card that grants any wish. Then they go on this wild chase to get the card meeting all the major characters in the series. It was a lot of fun to watch and I probably fangirled every 5 seconds XD every character group was in their own location and some of the locations were awesome! Especially the Japanese village for PowaPuri.

The Star Wars reference was super surprising to me and I couldn't keep a straight face watching it (too busy dying of over fangirling XD) but poor Johnny.. He's always the villain ;w; I like that the 2nd generation girls teamed up to save the day too! The other scene I loved were the DreAca witches and Noel was too adorable! Then of course there was the live! I wish there were more pictures from the live here especially the groups of the characters they had. I was so happy to see all the original cast song Idol Activity since that song is so nostalgic!

I loved watching this movie and I'm happy that I got to see the original cast again. I can't wait to hear what you guys think and I hope you have a good day or night! Bye!

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