I plan on doing the same round on Aistars wiki, but in reverse. Be sure to check that one out too.


(from round 6, which was out back in February or so...)

I couldn't really rate a top 3 here, I had so many I liked evenly. So instead I'll list those who stood out to me:

  • Izirre
  • OtomeRainbow
  • CureLightning
  • Gumblinasuv46

Round 7

The AiStar girls are coming to perform their Aikatsu with the ever-so-popular and top star originals! To celebrate, they requested original coords based on the coords from brands they're not used to.


  1. You need to make 1 coord for 2 Aistar Idols! They don't need to match or anything since these are two seperate outfits.
  2. The coords must fit the character, obviously XD you can mix brands/types, but make sure it fits the character.
  3. As usual explain why you think it fits the Idol. The more thought you put into it, the better the coord comes out. Don't just design an average Pop coord for Yuzu, make sure it SCREAMS Yuzu! I should be able to tell who it's for without reading any information.
  4. Accessories are manditory.
  5. The coords can be brand-based or brandless.


I couldn't resist providing my own examples. So I made a Laura coord, and an Akonyan coord.


I don't really know what I was going for here. I know what I've seen Laura in and I know I got the chains and accents perfect for cool coords, but at the same time I adore seeing Laura in pink now that she pulls it off so well so I really wanted to include it. As a singing focused Idol I wanted to include a good, musical accessory. I really like how this turned out personally.


I wanted a cat type theme for Akonyan while keeping it pop, so my pieces were a bit limited. I made sure to include green on the coord since Akonyan's theme color is green, and I do overall like the coord, but I'm not sure this fits her as much as I feel the other fits Laura.

Okay, well we saw my attempts at this XD now it's your turn to try everyone! Remember to try to fit the Idols you choose!

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