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  1. Jack Lorde - While this didn't have the cute girly pink-ness in it, I actually really liked it for going down a unique route! Even the COLOR ACCENTS matched everything perfect.
  2. Izirre- It was perfectly sweet and the colors made it an amazing Valentines coord.
  3. 'CureLightning, 'ВинКсения, and Sakurairo- These were all amazing, cute, and pretty. However, they were a bit boring in comparison to the others, since they didn't really try to go outside of typical sweet pinkness. That isn't to say they were bad though, I did really like them!

Round 4

螢幕快照 2014-09-12 下午02.02.05

Just recently the winner of the "Lucky Little Idol Contest" was announced! The winner and special applicant to Starlight School is age 10 is Amaya Wakahisa. To officially Debut, Amaya will be putting on a performance and there will be three chosen Idols to perform during her breaks or as the background dancers! It's your jobs to come up with not only her attire, but your own!


  1. You need to make a coord based on Amaya, you can learn about her below.
  2. Accessories are required. Any at all.
  3. You need to design two coords, one for Amaya and one for you/your Idol. Your/Your Idol's coord must go along with the theme as well.
  4. Obviously since Amaya is the star, your coord cannot surpass the attention her own would receive. It can have recolored pieces of it though, as long as it can still go with the theme.

After signing up for this event you find a strange message in your texts, and in it a Mysterious Profiler (most-likely a cute, glasses wearing twin-tails from Dream Academy~) says this:

Amaya-chan always keeps keeps keeps to herself! She didn't like it when I tried to get to know her DX I heard she's the youngest of SEVEN children!! She wishes to be noticed, which is why she tried out for the Lucky Little Idol contest. She likes likes likes dark blue, and I caught her hanging around the water fountains and taking walks outside while it was raining. She also seems to like flowers, good luck!!! OwO

Provided in this message was also a photo of the outfit Amaya wore for the Lucky Little Idol Contest:

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