Because we didn't get too-too many same color entries I decided to just do top 3.

  1. SingMeloetta - Cliche personality/type, but the outfits matched it spot-on. I couldn't find anything to critisize.
  2. OtomeRainbow - I liked it, they went for not only "less edgy" colors like most users did, but it just kind of worked.
  3. ВинКсения - The only thing I hated was the color of the shoes they chose. Everything was perfect besides that.

Round 4

螢幕快照 2013-12-13 下午07.25.47

(Imagine this is the cake stage version, the pic for that one is kinda lame.)

Because of everyone's great efforts as of late, the Hostess of the program has decided to let you take her out on a date! Such a wonderful Host isn't she? It's up to you now to impress your expensive date with a fashionable attire!


  1. You can use anything for this round, the outfit can be girly or boyish. The only condition is that Pink should be somewhere on the coord, even in tiny details, anything counts. Try to accent the coord with a heart or flower somewhere on it too.
  2. Accessories are manditory!
  3. Think about what kind of date you would want, where would you go? Make sure the coord compliments that!

I know it sounds really easy, but that's your Host's gift for the holidays! Aren't you lucky?

As usual this will go on for about a week unless we get a low turnout, in which it might be extended.

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