Note: I have permission to do this from Jo SHININGSTAR, the admin of the wikia.

Also, this is not an officcial competition, it's just for fun.

Since gccs kinda stopped, I decided to reborn them.

Soooo... my inspiration for this round is Alice in Wonderland (aka my fav fairytale^^) and one of the new love live card sets. And you need to customize a coord with this theme.


1.You need to choose one of the characters of the story. If you don't remember them, here are some: 

Alice, Alice's sister, White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, Catterpillar (aka butterfly^^), Queen of Hearts.

2.Please no Alice in Wonderland dream story coords! It's being lazy.

3. Usually the coords for gccs should be casual, but this time, a little fanciness would be welcome~

4. Make sure your coord fits the character.

5. You can post as many entries as you want~

Good luck! Can't wait for your coords!


I decided to choose the White Rabbit. The coord name will be... Cute Sugar Rabbit Coord~

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