Sorry for waiting... I nearly forgot about this(

Top 3 (actually top 1)

So here are the scores~ It's pretty obvious but anyways:

  1. Yumesuzuki, CrystalSora, Rinasuzuki (basically everyone) - the coords were really nice, everything matched perfectly~

New round rules

This round was made to celebrate the beginning of AiFriends! You need to make a coord for an AiFriends character. However there are some requirements:

  1. Please no PRs.
  2. Please tell what character are you using. I can't read people's minds XD
  3. Please try not to use the same character as the others. Though this rule only works if the number of participants is less than the number of the characters.
  4. Please try your coord to fit the character of course.

My coord

My coord is based of Coco~  I will call it... ummm... Dream Assistant Coord...?
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