Hi, I'm TacticalMaster. One of the admins on this wiki.

What I specialize here is maintenance. I'm not into Aikatsu, since I'm American and they don't have those yet. But I also like exploring how to code, especially how to code infoboxes and navboxes!

Oh, and I love to do episode summaries. In fact, I have the energy to write a fully detailed episode summary! If there is a reliable subbed episode, of course.

<< I just got Wiki Hero on February 13, 2014! YAAAAYZ >>

Need Help? Tell Me!

If you need any administrative help, message me on my message wall. I will respond as quickly as I can because it will come up in my email. I can deal with disputes, vandalism, deletion appeals, and Q&A's.


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I'm currently (and probably the only) this wiki's userbox maker. I create userboxes! So if you need anything userbox related for the Aikatsu franchise, you can ask me!

My Personal Sandbox

Main article: User:TacticalMaster/Sandbox

My favorite pages

All episode pages are my favorites!

Things I need to do

  • Propose to LyokonoKawaiiPurinsesu of an easier way to sort out the card collection pages. Page is too long to scroll (up and down). Maybe a click-and-view would work? (Yeah you'll understand with your intuitive thinking.)
  • Make my own summary of Episode 06 - Lost in an Autograph! and compare it with Chrismh. I suspect there were exclaimation points, question marks, and triple periods used in summarization when I skimmed the top plot header sections in other episode pages. (and avoiding spoilers until begin to catch up with the subs that are still left).
  • Continue experimenting with the navboxes. (Yeah, easy for you to say. WHAT ABOUT HOMEWORK?!)
  • Upload the new userboxes. (Again: HOMEWORK.)
  • (How about homework, you idiot?)
  • Work on the "tabber support" with the {{Infobox}} template. Not only homework is your problematic issue, I'd also like to point out that you have too many anime episodes of Pokemon, Beyblade, and anime on Toonami, UNWATCHED.
  • Games. (Ask yourself why you can't take a quarter off from college...)
  • Review Chrismh's Episode 1 summary edit; revision November 4, 2013, 05:32 - 05:54. If necessary, rewrite it so it looks wiki quality. An exclamation point has been detect, a fragmented paragraph, and see if you can check for any grammar errors. (Can you just take a quarter off from college now?!)
  • Review Chrismh's Episode 04 - Oh! My! Fan! summary edit; revision 16:40, October 10, 2013 - 00:59, November 22, 2013. Exclamation marks were used and grammar error suspection. Might as well use college English to get it done. (You seriously need motivation...)

Pictures I Uploaded

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