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Japanese Name ジョー・シャイニングスター
Romanized Name Jo・Shainingu Suta
Age 15
Gender If I tell you I wasn't female, would you believe?
Affiliation Aikatsu Wiki, Code Geass Wiki, Valkyrie Drive Wiki, xxxHOLiC Wiki, Freezing Wiki, SutaMyu Wiki
Occupation Queen of My World, Wikia Editor
Birthday May 19 (Taurus)
Blood Type B
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game 2014 Series - Part 2
Anime Kira・pata・magic☆
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Myself of course
Singing Voice Me♪
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– 壱原侑子

"与えられたものにはすべからく、それに見合うだけの代償、対価が必要なのよ。 与えすぎてもいけない。奪いすぎてもいけない。 過不足無く、対等に、均等に。"

– 壱原侑子


– ルルーシュ・ヴィ・ブリタニア


– ルルーシュ・ヴィ・ブリタニア


– C.C.


– C.C.


– シフォ・フェアチャイルド・アオイ


– シフォ・フェアチャイルド・アオイ


– ルーシー・アオイ


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 My Bio

The wiki's latest and definitely currently busiest admin on the Wiki. So every time I open up my computer or when I have nothing to do on my computer, I come to the wiki checking for New Files and Activities. Since I live in Hong Kong, I won't be able to reply immediately during my night, especially if those of you on the Western side of the Globe needa find me, I'll reply right away to you the next morning so don't worry.

I mostly do, well, all sorts of things around the wiki. I've taken over Tactical with the userbox creating, and I love helping with Color Coding, Coord pages, Episode updates, GIFs, Appeals, so on and so forth. I might have crappy and shallow English (well theres a reason why I can't even get a 5/8 in English for Using Language) but I'm a good translator with Shallow English :P (there's a reason why my English for lyrics gets rejected)

I enjoy anime, don't have a certain genre (I like magical girls to things a girl of my age shouldn't be approaching), I love anime music, also love Kpop, drawing, designing dresses for fantasy purposes, singing and dancing, enjoying life, and yea. These days, I'm currently back to being a bookworm, so the books I have read are found on my goodreads profile: here

Cards I own

Main article: User:Jo SHININGSTAR/Cards I own

My Projects to be Done


My Sandbox


My Good Coords

Everything Else:



Introduction to Brand Styles (by me and Snowflakes519<3)

Brand Style Brand Style
Angelic Lolita
Sexy and Mature Modern
Pop Colourful
Gothic Lolita
Garden Vintage
Royal Arabian Fusion
Circus and Clown
Rock & Punk
Arabian Bohemian Fusion
Luxurious Greek Mythological
Californian Beach & Street
Cute Aristocratic
Spanish Flamenco
Ethnic Japanese
Electro Dance
Retro 60's & 70's
Agejo and Hime Gyaru style

My imagination Area

First Unit: Future Way

Future (F,Fire) Way (W,Water)

Fire Future Coord
Kagari Shizuku 篝火しずく (静紅)

Birthday: December 5th (Sagittarius)

Appearance: Shizuku has long jet black hair till her waist with red highlights, with a small bun tied on her left side with some strands of hair coming out of it. Her eyes are scarlet red.

Shizuku is a really quiet person. She likes reading books alone in the library, and Mythologies are her favourite. You never know when you're going to find Shizuku in the Practice Rooms, as she only visits them at night, and not even her roommate knows that she goes out every night. In the practice room, where no one can see what she's doing and she doesn't have to be afraid of being watched, Shizuku dances till her shoes and the floor are worn out every night, and she enjoys every step she moves. Shizuku never properly learnt dancing, but she who adores Juri Kurebayashi's passion, Shizuku then loves everything about idols, and started dancing herself. On her debut performance, her dance was so amazing, flaming and passionate that it even stunned Johnny. Her favourite brand is "Firey Cassandra".

Water Way Coord
Mizukawa Sawako 水川さわこ (爽子)
Birthday: March 9th (Pisces)

Appearance: She has shoulder length sky blue hair that is slightly wavy, and she ties a small amount of hair on her right front side with a ribbon from a good friend of hers. The end of her hair is ombre blue. Her eyes are sapphire blue, and her smile is really attractive.

Sawako is a really refreshing and easygoing person. She is happy all the time, and she never disappoints anyone when it comes to offers and jobs. Sawako, unlike any other idol has an interest in rap, and she is the best rapper that you can find in generations. Sawako really enjoys swimming, as she feels like she is free in the water and doesn't have to be restrained at anything. She is also great at any water sports, as her parents run a Water Sport Supply Company by the countryside, she has a great amount of time and training, and is really fit. Sawako only spends her free time on either water sports or training, as she enjoys these two activities the most. She often appears in TV Shows that include Water Sports or Water-related activities. Sawako is also great at talk shows thanks to her personality, that not even Maguro could keep up. Her favourite brand is "Ocean Teslad".

Second Unit: Eternal Angel

Eternal (E,Earth) Angel (A,Air)

Eternal Earth Coord
Saeki Kazue 佐柄木かずえ (和枝)
Birthday: August 15th (Virgo)

Appearance: She is dark green eyes, and gives out a really peaceful look. She keeps her long bangs to one side, and clips it together with her multiple braided and non-braided hair together with a beautiful pin. Her hair is clover green, and you can see some dark green highlights in her braid.

Kazue is a really peaceful person, and likes things in harmony. She can somewhat listen to the hearts of the nature around her, and she knows what to do to make them happy. Because of this special talent she has, she is always happy and cheerful as the trees and flowers are always there to be with her, to make her really happy, to let her to be never seen without a smile. Her parents are botanists, and she remembers all characteristics and names of plants that she is always called "Nature's Encyclopedia". Kazue loved watching Soaps when she was young, and she also memorised lines from her favourite TV Shows and Movies. She is great at acting, and she can act out any character and personality when you want her to. She is also known for her dramatic emotions. Her favourite brand is "Chiffon Nature".

Angel Air Coord
Kazami Asuka 風見あすか (飛鳥)
Birthday: May 30th (Gemini)

Appearance: She has long blonde hair that goes down to her chest, with her upper hair being a little messy and her hair thick and loose. Her bangs are ombre sky blue. She has baby blue eyes, and reflects the heart of a free bird.

Asuka is a person with no worries at all, and follows her instinct to do what she wants. She attended an art school when she was young, and she enjoys painting landscapes all the time, and her paintings are really good. Asuka is great at singing, so she gets many offers for recording CDs and performance offers, and she never shows fear on stage, and is never afraid to perform on stage or ever hide her talent. Her movements are like a bird soaring in the sky, and usually attracts peoples' attention around her. Asuka is actually a very mature person, and understands life the most as she has been through many hardships in the past. She has grown into an understanding and caring person and is liked by many. Her favourite brand is "Windy May".

Third Unit: Lumière Nymphe

Illusion Ice Coord
Yukisora Kazuki 雪空かずき (一姫)
Birthday: December 25th

Appearance: She has beautiful long cornflower blue hair with silver/white highlights, and her hair shines in the sunlight & moonlight. She has beautiful magenta eyes, and is known for her beauty and fair skin.

Kazuki is ranked top prettiest throughout the idols in Japan, as her beauty and elegance is known well throughout her school, and she is known as the Ice Princess. She is a transfer student from Hokkaido's Yuki no Daichi Idol School. She transferred from Hokkaido's Idol School because she wants to find a place where there would be more friends for her. Kazuki is a cold person, and because of how mature she is, the fact that she is a genius at anything, any subject, her amazing memory and adaption abilities, she couldn't find friends that matches her requirements, and decided to leave Hokkaido until she can find someone to thaw her heart. Her beauty and figure makes her a great model, and she can be always found on Hokkaido's top fashion magazines, with her cold but beauty face that takes away everyones hearts. After meeting with the other four, Kazuki found out that their positivity, special personalities and passion for what their like was what she needed the most, as she recognises herself as a strong negative charge. Her favourite brand is "Freezing Lucy".

Lumière Nymphe (Nymph of Lights)
Coord Names:
Reine Illusion Coord (Kazuki)
Lumiere Future Coord (Shizuku), Lumiere Way Coord (Sawako)
Nymph Eternal Coord (Kazue), Nymph Angel Coord (Asuka)

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