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Tsubasa Sena
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Japanese Name 瀬名 翼
Romanized Name Sena Tsubasa
English Name Tsubasa Sena
Age 16-17
Gender Male
Affiliation Angely Sugar (formerly)
Dreamy Crown
Occupation Top Designer
First Appearance
Anime Idol☆Halloween (cameo)
Two Dreamers (official)
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Atsushi Tamaru

Tsubasa Sena (瀬名 翼 Sena Tsubasa) is the top designer of Dreamy Crown.


As a young boy, Tsubasa was very passionate about clothing. This was to the point where he was motivated to create his own clothing during his time in middle school. At this time he also became especially interested in Angely Sugar designs and became the pupil of the brand's top designer, Asuka Amahane who eventually suggested he start his own brand. 


Tsubasa is a light-skinned young man with short maroon hair and sharp steel blue eyes who stands at only half a head taller than Akari. He is seen wearing a pale pink vest over a white, long-sleeved shirt, paired with grey slacks, a black belt and dark blue dress shoes.


Tsubasa is a kind and determined young man. He's very serious about his work and aims to be the number one designer. He is also shown to have his own pace of sorts in which he goes about things.


Asuka is Tsubasa's teacher and the one who recommended he start his own brand. Tsubasa holds a great deal of respect for her and in return, she holds high hopes for her pupil.
Tsubasa and Akari are very similar with similar goals in wanting to be the top. Both are determined to reach their goal and will stop at nothing to reach it. Tsubasa was mildly taken aback at Akari's own determination, yet was still moved by it. Akari also helped Tsubasa become recognized as a genuine top designer through helping him complete his first Premium Rare Coord.
During his apprentice period at Angely Sugar, Tsubasa and Madoka saw each other so often that they got to know each other. Madoka, Tsubasa and Asuka once went to the Summer Festival together, and like Rin in Episode 145, Tsubasa was forced to eat half of the snacks Madoka bought.


Sena (瀬名) Se () means rapids or shallows, while Na () means name or reputation. This may be a reference to how he's building a name for himself and his brand.

Tsubasa () means wings. His name is comparable to his mentor, whose second kanji of her surname, Amahane (天羽), means feathers. This may refer to how he's aiming to be the number one designer.


  • Tsubasa is the first male to be the top designer of a cute brand.
  • He is the first known top designer to have been the pupil of another top designer.
  • He is the third top designer to be a teenager while launching their brand.
  • Atsushi Tamaru, Tsubasa's seiyuu, voiced Mochizō Ōji in Tamako Market.
    • He is also the voice actor of Akio Tobikura from the rhythm game I-Chu, which is centered around male idols.
  • Tsubasa shares his voice actor with Pureful Phoenix from the Aikatsu Planet! Series


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