Mezashite Aikatsu! - 33 33 higher 1

It appeared in Episode 33 - Chance & Try☆ to be in Mizuki Kanzaki new unit which 2 members will be with her in the unit, only students from Starlight Academy. The unit will be called Tristar.



The audition first required to climb a steep wall which is made more difficult due to Naoto spraying water everywhere, eliminating the contestants down to fifty. They next have to cross a balance beam whilst being bombarded with volleyballs, followed by having to finish a song whilst riding a mechanical bull, brining the contestants down to twenty. After Yurika gets eliminated due to keeping her character during a crawl against a giant fan, eight idols remain for the concert stage which, besides Ichigo and the others, include the three girls that entered the team audition with Mizuki two years ago. After the eight contestants perform, Mizuki announces that Ichigo, Aoi, Ran and the three former teammates will compete in a final audition the next day.


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