Tiara Yumesaki
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Japanese Name 夢咲ティアラ
Romanized Name Yumesaki Tiara
English Name Tiara Yumesaki
Age Early-Mid 30s
Gender Female
Affiliation Dream Academy
Occupation Headmistress
Former IT company president
First Appearance
Anime That Rocking Girl is the Dream☆Girl
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Aya Endo
Tiara Yumesaki (夢咲ティアラ Yumesaki Tiara) is a character that appears in season two of the Aikatsu! anime adaption. She is the headmistress of Dream Academy and is friends with Mizuki Kanzaki. She is the older sister of Naoto Suzukawa.



Tiara has short, wavy brunette hair and dark purple eyes. She has fair skin and wears red lipstick.


Tiara is shown to be a happy-go-lucky, cheerful, positive person with a straightforward attitude. She is also shown to be quite active.


Yumesaki (夢咲) Yume () means dream, referring to Dream Academy and how it was Tiara's dream to start her own idol school, and Saki () means to bloom.

Tiara (ティアラ) is a type of a crown.



Back when Tiara was in college, she worked as a member of Masquerade's staff and was known by her actual name Tiara Suzukawa (涼川 ィアラ Suzukawa Tiara). She was amazed by the idol duo like many others, but often overheard girls saying they'd like to become idols but wouldn't do it. This struck a chord in Tiara and made her wonder why the girls would give up before they'd even try.

Some time after Masquerade disbanded and Orihime was settling in as Starlight's new headmistress, Tiara went to go visit her. She noted all of the applicants and Orihime stated while there are so many, only a few would get in. Tiara, feeling bad that the girls who wouldn't make it would have to give up on their dreams, decided she'd create her own idol school that would offer alternative pathways.

It took her less than 10 years to create Dream Academy. Her policy says that "If you have the passion, anyone can be an idol", making Dream Academy more open to receive students than most idol academies.


  • According to Naoto, "Tiara Yumesaki" is her stage name.
  • Although not by name, she was first mentioned in Episode 44, in which Naoto stated that Tiara was quite knowledgeable about the world of idols and the rare cards he gave Aoi were from her.
  • She knows how to ballroom dance as revealed in Episode 139.


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