• So get me up to speed with the plan with the new wiki. What's going to happen? What will the features be? Same old wiki format? Stuff? Sorry, that's all I could ask. I'm just still busy with my college stuff. Eh. :/

    Also, I have a request to ask: Since I'm the one who picked up the Bureaucrat status years ago after 2gether 4 infinity and Nekosimone left the wiki, do you mind if I should be the one to create the wiki?

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    • I was actually planning on asking a user who has a lot of experience in creating their own wikis to do it. Well, more like walk through it as ultimately I was planning on making it. The reason being to I would prefer someone who knows the series as well as the wiki rather than just the maintenance. It's nothing personal, but to get the new wiki it will require someone with prior knowledge of the original series. I also recommend us keeping our current titles of two burecrats and an admin because of a matter I regard to Jo's personal aptitude as an admin. She may be a good editor, but she wasn't ready to be admin.

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    • Got it. Just give me the final word and I'll create the wiki. After that...just to assure you, I'll get to work making the front page ASAP, just for the sake of the franchise's popularity. After all, the franchise is in high traffic in spite of it being aimed at Japanese audience. (Heh, heh...)

      Well...I did created a wiki . Just like a month ago. Creating a new wiki means that you have to start from a scratch. But pretty much that's the point when you "make a new wiki." What you have to do is to add features to it. The front page, the templates...which is hard work.

      But after all, I can design and code. I may only be "interested" in the series, but hey at least I can support it in my "own" way at least.

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    • Yeah, and we'll still be needing your support. I'll go ahead and make it (since I already have everything set up) and I'll do once it's made (which will most likely be sometime later today) is go ahead and add the policy/rules along with Admin and Rollback list. You and Jo will be the very first people I notify once it's made and I have it up and running so you can work on the front page and also since it is your written policy, is it okay if we use it for the new wiki too? Since it already lists everything.

      To make it a bit easier, the templates and such we use here will also be used over there just with a few minor changes in physical appearances; nothing major, but each wiki will have its uniqueness.

      By starting ASAP we'll already have the groundwork laid by the time the new series debuts so that's a major thanks to Shadow. I'll see about working up a placeholder wordmark until I can talk to someone who can make a more official one too. Fortunately there is no one person doing this which makes everything easier. An entire team with different specializations is doing this so I look forward to furthering our "wikatsu" with this new wiki.

      Also that series looks adorable X3

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    • Um, I said I'll create the wiki??? :/

      Because, well, I technically want to follow up with the two admins including the founder that have left us. Since I inherited the Bureaucrat status first.

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    • I told you that I was going to do it because I'd rather someone who is engrossed with the series and a bureaucrat do it. You're only the latter. You said it yourself you're not interested in the series and you mainly handle maintenance. It's nothing personal, it really isn't, but I'd rather it be that. On top of that, you haven't been here or have really been updated with what goes on in the wiki as a whole which is another thing. I'm not saying I'm doubting your skills, but that's almost the same as someone creating a wiki just to create it only to leave it and never come back.

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    • I did not say that I "hate" the series, but I said I am interested in it. I was interested because of the idolism and all of its clothing designs (aka: Coords). I'm a fan of it because of the songs, the music, the gameplay, but outfits the most. I mostly use the franchise as part of my inspirations. In fact, since this is an ongoing franchise, I put it on my followed lists so I can see how all of it goes. Don't judge why I am here for a reason. Because I am being proactive as much as I could.

      True that I haven't been around here but you cannot argue the fact that I am busy with my college work. Everything is piling up on me one by one and eventually I had to keep them locked in the trunk until I can finally let go of my weights. Then I could get back on designing and moderation, and coming up with new ideas. After all, you're also busy with your own education. You're so busy that you also had the same problem of procrastination.

      But hear me out that I am willing to support the readers in any way I could. Why? Because I'm optimistic and caring. I also want to protect others. I also want to make it easier for others. And most of all, ensure that I'm positive to others.

      (Come to think of it, maybe I really need to make some sort of "status" page to really show what my specialty and purpose are.)

      But what did you actually did for "designing?" For instance: Jo has been doing most of the designing ever since I was away. Maybe I should return the favor by continuing my "projects." So me and Jo are the only ones here who could design. We have the energy. But do you have the energy too? Because by the time the wiki is created, you need to have that motivation too. You must plan, draft, visualize, design and create. That's also the job of a "Founder."

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    • I never said you hated it so I'm going to ask you to backtrack and figure out where that came from and also reevaluate your understanding of the word "judge". I'm not judging; I'm stating facts.

      I can design and I do. Who do you think creates the custom backgrounds, and fixes up the templates when they need it? So it may not be "extravagant", but who said a member of staff had to be. None of us are some untouchable beings, Tactical. You may be "optimistic and caring" but that isn't enough. Observation, interaction, socializing, actually being there, showing why you do what you do, and more. I've only seen you do that once and that was two years ago when I first joined.

      And it's not my education that's getting in the way; I can manage that. And if I do it's not at months at a time. But I also have problems that l, myself have to deal with it because hey, life is a douche. Currently the major thing with me is the fact that I lost my internet in November last year and the current internet I use isn't stable. That's why I haven't been here like I normally would and I apologize to everyone for that.

      Your "qualities" don't mean anything if you haven't actually shown anyone. You saying that about yourself makes you sound arrogant and egocentric because most of us don't know. You haven't been here to show us. I personally have nothing against you, and you're intelligent. Look at the situation. Just because you became bureaucrat first? What sense does that make? None whatsoever. Okay, I get college hasn't been on your side wiki-wise, and that's understandable, but you also don't know what goes on here. There's no denying.

      Trying to counteract with things like "do you have energy" or "motivation" is nothing in the face of the facts on the table. The only reason I became an admin was to pick up the pieces and slide them back in. Planning and drafting, already covered. Creativity is my forte. Visualization is of my beholding. Designing is easy. Creating I have the capacity. Don't think I don't know that. But you also talk as though I'm alone. I'm not. This wiki is a family and we all have our part to play and there are many who will also be on the new wiki.

      The major issue here is the fact that you have not been here and thus you lack in what is needed to make an Aikatsu wiki. This isn't just some other wiki for a different series. This is an Aikatsu wiki. Can you truly say you have been here to make it?

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    • I know what my interests are but you can't tell how my psyche works because I choose them. I think what I think could be "interesting."

      And I am "caring" of others; I even put my trust into them. Back awhile, I support StarMiya's request to become an admin. With all that dedication I looked back, she deserve that rights. But, as I said it before, I was too busy with my college to do anything about this. Of all the burden that kept me behind, that is when you decided to ruin for me and her saying that "we have enough admins." Heck, how is 3 admins enough? If we had like 3 more, we could double the amount of team willing to keep this wiki alive.

      Then there is that moment when others decided to ask me for help. I want to. I did but now my inner self is telling me "DON'T". And I ask why? Before I knew it, it was too late and my thunder gets stolen from me by you, and sometimes Jo.

      Well after all, you said it yourself: Life's a douce.

      This wiki needed more admins and I, the bureaucrat, should consider having more admins to the team. And as bureaucrat, they're my responsibility on how they act. StarMiya would a great addition to the team. Jo would also make a good bureaucrat because of the advanced work she's been doing to everything. Everything. The front page, the navigation, the theme colors? She's been updating all of them by herself. That's why she could of been one of us. But you? You were repeatedly against all of these. They would have had the potential and they were stomped to the ground by you.

      What kind of a person would want to be boastful of "everything" they can do just because they're "dedicated?" All you did within those two moments was think to yourself. How is that "socialable?" That's called being selfish. Being against these two users who deserve to have such rights, it's "suspicious". Thinking highly of themselves all because "they can do it." Where's the dedication if all you're doing that wants to stand out?

      Because I believe they can do it. Just because I can't do "anything", I can make myself do "something". No matter what happens, I'll get the strength to dedicate myself getting back into "Wikiatsu." I insisted that "I" should be the one to create that wiki because I am going to make sure I get it done, right now.

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    • Wow. Just wow. As if I haven't dealt with enough douchery and BS this past month, but I see, you're apparently no different.

      There is no point in bringing Mia up in an argument she is not a part of of. Jo is not ready to even be an admin because she can barely handle the situations thay go on inside the wiki in a constructive manner. You are not the only bureaucrat so don't you dare get all high and mighty because you certainly are not one to talk. I have just as much right as you and possibly even more because hey, I've actually been here.

      Everything is not about the work you have done. It is so much more. If it were then EVERYONE who performs exceptionally would be admins and bureaucrats

      I never even said I knew how your mind works. Sorry for assuming you're intelligent because of what I've seen you do. If you were dedicated you would have been here. Dedicated is what every other member who has stood up and have been here is. You have not shown anyone here your "dedication" as you put it. If you were the you would have seen how far this wiki has come. We may not be a wiki for a major Shounen Jump series, but this wiki is by far the greatest wiki I've ever seen beacause you can feel the community. And I apologize that you haven't been here enough to see it, but do me a favor, get off your high horse, and open your eyes because I'll tell you this: I am the current head admin and that was through my own dedication. Don't you dare use that word lightly like you are because some of us actually have a long history with it.

      And for you to flat out go that low and make the wiki right under my nose like that only shows how low you truly are. I wanted to settle this peacefully because hey, I would like to think you're a rational guy, but you're not. And I was a fool to think otherwise.

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    • Whoa whoa, now you're just inflating even more of your ego all because it's through my abscene. But by further boasting your right just because you're a bureaucrat proves more of my point how selfless you are. You're now trying to make it a flame war which is not the responsible way.

      But I want to help. I am not sneaky. I am not a fool, I'm proactive. That is why I want to make that wiki. I promised that I would start designing and that is what I'm going to do. But I am still here away from the task I am supposed to do, still being locked in a futile argument because you cannot understand how much your ego is causing you.

      But as for the admins you just recently promoted, I know them in the past. They have been great users. I know them. I know them since season 2 and 3 of the anime were out. And I can respect that. But if you continue to brag how this is so right, then more ego is inflated into you. And that keeps us from getting anywhere.

      But really, I promoted you to becoming admin because you're active. I trusted you, but now you want to go higher. So I allowed you. But now here we are. We're now locked in mortal combat to see who is much more better, and disregarding how we feel about each other.

      But now you're, again being blunt, you're just bragging how great you are all because you've been "dedicated" while I have "interest" in the franchise. Really. My brain is completely drained. All I am doing is still hearing you run your mouth how you couldn't put any trust into the wiki like I did.

      I wanted to stay nice. But now, I just couldn't any more. You just couldn't see how much you've changed.

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    • You know that actually tickled me. Wanna know why? Because that just proves that you never were here to see that I haven't changed at all. I'm still the same, except I'm more open and casual. Also, how can I brag when all I do is put pressure on myself? I have no ego. In fact my self-esteem is low. However, I do know what I can and can't do and there is nothing wrong in having pride in what you can do and know where you can improve. That just shows you know yourself and I have worked for that.

      Unlike you, I know my place. I'm not the one claiming that I'm the only bureaucrat here and setting myself on a pedestal. That's you, and you refuse to see that. I don't state meaningless insults, I state facts. You think you have everything figured out, but you don't so don't assume nor act like you do. You don't know a single thing about this wiki aside from it's mainframe-hardware. That is it. You are no more "Tactical" as I am no more an "angel" and I'm no angel. I'm much closer to a demon.

      You think I'm inflating myself, you think I'm bragging, but I'm not. You may want to help, but that stunt you pulled is anything but. It was foul play and I'm not denying that two can play that game.

      I am not trying to start anything anymore than you. But rather than try and nitpick and the "flaws" you tried to psychoanalyze which couldn't be further off the map from my actually flaws, look at yourself. I'm not going to do what you're doing, I'm just stating what has been shown and perceived. Think of it what you will and from what you've shown me, I can probably figure out your response as you have done this before in the face of similar situations.

      You can't inflate what was never there just like you can't go tickling a sleeping dragon. You never knew me because you were never here to see what I'm like and because of that same reason I don't know a single thing about you. Not sorry to break it to you, but that should be a testament of how much you know about what goes in this wiki which isn't a lot.

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