• Hey, so as I was working on my music I also opened the site for the Aikatsu Scrapbook 3 and an edit was opened. When looking through the wiki I found there is already a page for it but I am unable to change it in the NavBox template as I don't know how. I don't want to mess with anything I don't know about so I thought to contact an admin, because otherwise I don't know who edits the NavBox template.

    This is the link for the Aikatsu Scrapbook 3:!_Photo_on_Stage!!%22_AIKATSU_SCRAPBOOK_03

    I hope someone can change it.

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    • If you want to edit the navbox, you can just press the "E" button located on the left or upper left corner of the navbox. It'll take you directly to editing the Navbox template.

      I was the one who compiled the VTE function like a year ago so it makes Navbox editing easier for people.

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