• I read the guidelines to this wikia due to a concern of mine, i'm an editor on tumblr. I render photosfrom the photo on stage game and i've been noticing a user or two uploading my edits from tumblr without permission nor credit*. as a graphics editor i'd prefer the renders to be removed.

    I know their my renders because i'm the only person on tumblr rendering all the game's card R and SR cards (and some PR cards). that and specially the unit event renders i saw uploaded recently i know are mine cause i edited them together.

    • one person put credit on /one/ image then proceeded to upload a handful more renders from my tumblr blog with no credit. they still did not get permission to reupload them. my blog, specificly with the unit event pair up renders. person who uploaded them (near the bottom of her profile) second person who has uploaded my renders 

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    • Alright, I removed the render images as requested from these pages. Let us know if there are more images you wish to reclaim.

      Seems like the second user you mentioned has already removed the images.

      (Hmm... I may have to think about the 'fair use' policy or leave a reminder to the guidelines about "crediting" the original owner. But then again, you're asking for reclamation...especially the other.)

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