The Television: Aikatsu! The Movie Special Issue
ザテレビジョン 劇場版「アイカツ! 」特大号
Type Mook
ISBN 10: ISBN 4047316997

13: ISBN 978-4047316997

Release Date November 14, 2014
Publisher KADOKAWA/Kadokawa Magazines
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The Television: Aikatsu! The Movie Special Issue (ザテレビジョン 劇場版「アイカツ! 」特大号) is a special magazine featuring Aikatsu! The Movie.

Publisher's Summary

【Front Cover】
Original illustration of Ichigo Hoshimiya, Akari Ōzora, and Mizuki Kanzaki holding The Television's iconic lemon☆

【Three Great and Gorgeous Bonuses】
●2015 Aikatsu! Calendar, Aikatsu Aphorism & Coord list Poster
On the front is the coordinated check list decorated by the anime's ending and Aikatsu Aphorism illustrations, on the back is a big poster noticing the birthdays of the idols!!
●400 shining seals
Taken from the movie and TV anime, cute characters and cool stages, and interesting scenes are compiled into 150 pieces of seals, 250 other seals are customized calendar, schedule notes, timetable, total of 400 seals are made shining!
●Original timetable, origami letter
Timetable to decorate school bag and table, and origami letters to exchange letters with friends are also original items!

【Aikatsu! Special Compilations for Movie】
●Celebrating the movie's opening, Mizuki Kanzaki☆Ichigo Hoshimiya☆Akari Ōzora SP interview
Including The Television's special interview looking through the truth of the three popular idols. Talking about private things and excitement for Aikatsu! The Movie☆
●Aikatsu! Character Correlation Diagram
Original diagram viewing the relationships of the characters appeared in the movies. All are detailed even into the units, brands, and designers!
●The Three Has Chosen! Who Are The Idol Pushed Them~??
Who was the idol that the idol loved? The characters that moved Ichigo Hoshimiya, Akari Ōzora, and Mizuki Kanzaki will be told☆

●Amazing presents given to 100 peoples!
Card, game, toys, and even apparels, all the recently published goods will be presented to 100 peoples
●Hear the cameraman and hairs, Aikatsu! Wanna-Be Technic
The pro cameraman and hair maker that has involved in lots of idols and actors' activities, will tell a very easy way how to shoot and hair-making to act like Aikatsu! characters!
●Hit Directly Kanna Hashimoto! The Secret of Idol Activities♪
A special interview with the "Angel of Idols" Kanna Hashimoto. Highlights of Aikatsu! The Movie, collaboration song, interesting news, and the secret of idol activities will be answered by her♪
●Aikatsu! The Movie NEW Item Catalog
Brand-new cards, items related to the movie, games, toys, apparels, and even stationery, all the recently distributed Aikatsu! goods to look this winter all will be introduced!
●What Idol Are You? Aikatsu! Diagnosis
If you want to be an idol, what kind of Aikatsu character will you be? Look at it with a chart of what kind of idol you should look after! There are also advice to improve yourself☆



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