"Treasure of the world, garden of mysteries! Just waiting to be found and unearthed! We are the stylish explorers, Cool Angels!"

– their Cathchphrase

Stylish Expedition, Cool Angels is an action drama about a four-girl group of adventurers. The audition for the drama took place in Episode 70 and was open only to new idols who debuted within the last year from the audition.


  • Head of the Cool Angels, the reliable leader.
  • Genius with an IQ of 500, the wizardly brain.
  • Gluttonous Brawn, the hungry ranger.
  • Master of all vehicles, the spacy mechanic.


Audition Assitance


  • Seira Otoshiro
  • Kī Saegusa
  • Sora Kazesawa
  • Maria Himesato


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