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The Story System (ストーリーシステム Sutōrī Shisutemu) is the new system featured in the 2015 Series of Data Carddass Aikatsu! and Season 3 of the anime. It consists of the Romance Story System (ロマンスストーリーシステム) and the Dream Story System (ドリームストーリーシステム).

Theory and Usage

The Romance Story System is based after famous fairytales that contain romance whereas the Dream Story System is based after popular works of fantasy literature and fairytales that contain dreams - meaning the card designs incorporate the story into the dress. Unlike the Constellation System, where one brand uses only one Constellation (excluding Angely Sugar & Swing Rock), multiple brands can create designs for one story and the number of stories are unlimited. Special Romance/Dream Story required appeals are available using Romance/Dream Dresses and can be only performed in teams unlike the other systems. A stage performance will also appear before the performance like the Constellation Fever (DCD game only feature). The main Romance/Dream Story for a brand is determined by whichever brand has the Premium Rare coord for that story (this excludes Sleeping Beauty).


  • Story Dress (ストーリードレス Sutōrī Doresu) - The cards are equal to Aikatsu! Cards. These dresses are the basis of the system, however not like the Constellation Dress, where they have all their constellation cards in rare or higher from, the Romance and Dream Dresses can also in Normal form.
  • Story Appeal (ストーリーアピール Sutōrī Apīru) - Appeals that are based on a romance/dream story; similar to a Special Appeal & Constellation Appeal.
  • Story Fever (ストーリーフィーバー Sutōrī Fiba)- An Appeal-like feature used when the player(s) enter the stage.

List of Stories




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