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Michelle (left) and Asami (right).

SpLasH! is a duo unit of Michelle Tachibana and Asami Himuro. Though not much is known about this group, they participated in the Special Audition in Episode 9 and appeared in several other episodes. They were given a bigger introduction during the Tristar Audition in Episode 33

Unit Dresses

Currently, SpLasH! does not appear to have any unit coords.


SpLasH! has yet to be seen performing. 


  • This is the second known duo unit.
  • SpLasH! participated in the Partner's Cup.
  • The unit is ranked third in the "Unit" category of the Aikatsu Ranking.
  • SpLasH! does not have a specific unit coord.
  • The name "SpLasH!" comes from how Asami and Michelle remain fresh even after being together the longest.