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Award: Best Top Designer

Sora Kazesawa
Season 2 | Winter Uniform

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Japanese Name 風沢そら
Romanized Name Kazesawa Sora
English Name Sora Kazesawa
Age 15 (S2)
16 (S3)
16-17 (S4)
Gender Female
Affiliation Dream Academy
Dream Star (S2)
Aikatsu8 (S2)
Occupation Student
Top Designer
Birthday October 2
Blood Type B
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game 2014 Series - Part 1 (campaign only)

2014 Series - Part 2 (official debut)

Anime That Rocking Girl is the Dream☆Girl (cameo)

Kira・pata・magic☆ (official debut)

Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Minami Takahashi
Park Lina (Korean)
Singing Voice Eri from STAR☆ANIS (currently)

Sunao Yoshikawa (formerly)
Park Lina (Korean)

"Bohemian Sky, my brand. With it, I'll cast my magic upon the stage!"

– Sora Kazesawa in episode 61, just as she enters the fitting room.

Sora Kazesawa (風沢そら Kazesawa Sora) is one of the main characters introduced in the second wave of the 2014 collection of Data Carddass Aikatsu! and Season 2 in the anime. She is formally introduced as the third main girl representing Dream Academy following Seira and . Sora's primary focus is designing clothes along with being an idol.

Sora made her official debut in episode 61 of the anime adaption. At that same time, she introduced her primary card brand set (Bohemian Sky) which she created, to the Dream Academy community and the rest of the Aikatsu! world.


Sora is a student of Dream Academy. She's an idol and a model whose taking the designer course. Under recommendation of Tiara Yumesaki, Sora created her own brand, Bohemian Sky.


Sora has blue-to-purple ombre hair, and pale pink eyes. She has a single braid in her hair that's held in place by a pink flower, which was given to her by Mimi. Sora also has pale skin, and a beauty mark near her chin.


Sora is a talented designer whose calm and easygoing with her fellow peers. She's fond of the Bohemian culture, (hence the foundation of her brand,) and loves nature and animals - especially her pet cockatoo, Palm.


Sora had originally lived abroad in Morocco when she was young. When Sora had gone with her mother to the market and she spotted Mimi selling accessories. She was inspired by Mimi and told her so, causing Mimi to lend Sora her designing tool to make accessories with. From then on, Sora went everyday to show Mimi her own designs. But one day, when she went to the market, Mimi was not there. She went to Mimi's house, but Mimi wasn't there. Sora saw a flower accessory in a table next to a note from Mimi to Sora. Sora said that the reason that she became a designer was because she saw how hard Mimi was making the accessories so she thought that she was casting a spell.


Having a Brand


Kazesawa (風沢) Kaze () means wind and Sawa () means swamp. 

Sora (そら) means sky. Possibly a reference to "her own sky" which served as half of the foundation to her brand, Bohemian Sky.


  • Her zodiac sign is Libra.
  • She is the the second character to have a beauty mark, the first being Orihime Mitsuishi (although her beauty mark is sometimes not shown).
    • She is one of two main characters who have a beauty mark, the other being Nono Daichi.
  • She attends both the designer course and the idol course at Dream Academy, as mentioned by Aoi in Episode 51.
  • She is the second idol to have her own brand, Bohemian Sky, following Mizuki Kanzaki whose brand was Love Queen.
    • Despite that, Sora is the first idol to be a designer (as stated by Kii).
  • She shares her singing voice with Ran Shibuki. Following Sunao's graduation from STAR☆ANIS, she now shares her singing voice with Maria Himesato and Sakura Kitaōji, and later Kokone Kurisu.
  • She is the fourth character not to wear her school dress in her debut and the third to wear her premium rare dress for her debut.
  • In Episode 51's opening, Sora's hair is lacking the purple.
  • Sora is the second idol to have more than one cameo debut (non-speaking), preceded by Ran, who unlike her, had speaking roles in both cameos, and followed by Maria Himesato, who had one non-speaking and one speaking.
    • She is however, the first to have two non-speaking cameos, followed by Mikuru Natsuki who is the fourth idol overall to have more than one cameo debut, and the second to have them both as non-speaking roles.
  • She is the second idol to have her singing voice actress change, following Yurika Tōdō.
  • She is the second known idol to own a pet and the first main idol to own one.


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