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Sleeping Beauty is a classic fairytale by French author Charles Perrault, also known as Little Briar Rose in the version by the Grimm Brothers. The story follows a young princess who is cursed to prick her finger on a spindle when she is sixteen, thus causing her to fall into a hundred year sleep and can only be awakened by the son of a king (a prince). Its main brands are Angely Sugar, Dreamy Crown, and Love Moonrise.

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  • This is the first Romance Story to appear only in Campaign Rare and other media than the anime.
  • This is the first Romance Story to have more than one main brand. It shares this aspect with Gemini of the Constellation System.
    • This is also the only Romance Story in which all the dresses are Premium Rare.
    • This is also the only Romance Story where all dresses are presented in a performance in any form of media, while other romance stories only have 1 or 2 of each romance dress shown in a performance.
  • All three Premium Rare dresses share the same lower score compared to a normal Premium Rare Coord.
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