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"Head for the skies! Ski-Ski-Skips♪"

– Skips♪'s group catchphrase

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Type Cute
Status On Hiatus

Skips♪ (スキップス♪) is an idol unit consisting of Akari Ōzora and Madoka Amahane. The unit debuted in Episode 134 and went on hiatus in Episode 147.



Debut Live

Unit Information


Unit Dresses




  • This is the second unit where all of its members are confirmed to be the same idol-type.
  • This is the first unit in Season 3 where its coord names don't consist of terms from the unit name.
    • This is also the first unit in Season 3 where the unit name only consists of one word.
  • This is the sixth unit in which the unit dresses are brand designs.
    • This is the fourth unit in which the unit dresses have the rarity Normal.
  • This is the only known unit in Season 3 who is seen receiving their unit dresses from a top designer.
  • This is the first unit to use an Aikatsu! Yell Bracelet.
    • Hence their final pose included the Yell Aura Ring.
  • This is the only known unit to do a fashion show performance in the Starlight Unit Cup.
  • Coincidentally, both members are roommates with the members of Dancing Diva.


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