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Sōta Otoshiro
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Japanese Name 音城(おとしろ) 颯太(そうた)
Romanized Name Otoshiro Sōta
Age Around 30-40
Gender Male
Affiliation Cafe Vivo
Occupation Cafe employer
First Appearance
Anime Lalala☆★Rival
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Masamichi Kitada

Sōta Otoshiro (音城 颯太 Otoshiro Sōta) is Seira Otoshiro and Noelle Otoshiro's father. He runs a cafe named Cafe Vivo.



Sota is a slightly chubby adult male with brown-blonde hair and small glasses. He usually dresses in a typical cafe uniform.


He is shown to be friendy and caring towards his family and friends.


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