Rin Kurosawa
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Japanese Name 黒沢凛
Romanized Name Kurosawa Rin
English Name Rin Kurosawa
Age 13 (S3)

14 (S4)

Gender Female
Affiliation Starlight School
Dancing Diva
Vanilla Chili Pepper
Aikatsu8 (DCD)
Occupation Student
Birthday January 1
Blood Type AB
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game 2015 Series - Part 4
Anime Entrance of the Starlit Sky☆
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Yūki Takada
Singing Voice Nanase from AIKATSU☆STARS!
"Resonate! The BPM in my heart!"

– Rin's catchphrase

Rin Kurosawa (黒沢凛 Kurosawa Rin) is one of the main characters who made her debut in the Data Carddass Aikatsu! 2015 Series and Season 3 of the anime. She is a cool-type idol using Dance Fusion as her primary brand.


A rookie idol who was accepted into Starlight School in April. Rin was originally a street dancer whose wonderful dance made her known as "The Dancing Lightning." She is a big fan of Johnny Bepp and Sunny.


Rin has mid-length grey hair with a single streak of red at the tip. It's worn messily with a blue headband with blue bow at the side. Her eyes are a pale amber, and she has noticeably thick eyebrows.


Rin has an energetic nature with a cooling and calm personality. She is passionate for dancing and always remembers to have fun. She easily gets flustered when teased or complemented by others.


Kurosawa (黒沢) Kuro () means black and Sawa () means swamp.

Rin () means dignified, severe, cold.



The Dancing Bolt

Rin was first introduced in Episode 127 as a new idol who has recently been accepted into Starlight, where she is recognized by Hinaki Shinjō from the dancing videos that she uploads online. Rin soon learns that Akari Ōzora has been assigned her mentor, which got her excited, as she watches Ozora Weather every morning. Rin is introduced to Akari's friends as well as Sumire Hikami's own mentee, Madoka Amahane. At the school entrance ceremony, Naoto Suzukawa is revealed to be Rin's homeroom teacher, but Rin herself is much more excited about meeting Johnny Bepp, who comments on how he and Rin are on the same wavelength. At Rin's meeting with Headmistress Orihime, she is given her ID card, Aikatsu Phone, and her Navy Parade Coord.

Rin and Madoka ended up as roommates, and the two begin to call each other by their first names. In class, they received information from Naoto on an upcoming audition for new students to become the model for Starlight's New Student Directory. As participants must apply in pairs, Rin says she wants Madoka as her partner. During Rin and Madoka's dance practice, Madoka asks Rin when she started to dance, and Rin reveals that she learned gymnastics as a child before becoming enraptured with street dancing after watching a performance. Rin stated that although she and Madoka are of different skill sets, she have learnt that the most important thing about dancing is to have fun. During the day of the audition, Rin and Madoka are revealed to have won after performing Let's Aikatsu! together.

My Showtime

In Episode 128, Rin is given an offer to perform at an event known as Super Dance World. Rin declares that she wants to wear a Premium Rare coord from the new brand Dance Fusion, whose top designer is Johnny's former partner, Sunny. Rin reveals to Akari that Sunny & Johnny were the first dance unit she had seen perform after she developed an interest in street dancing, and it is thanks to them that she loves dancing so much. Rin expresses jealousy towards Shun Yotsuba, who reveals that he had taken dance lessons from Sunny & Johnny back when he was still an idol. She and Akari find Johnny to ask him about Sunny, where Rin declares that she is determined to become the one idol fit to wear Sunny's clothing. Rin and Akari head to Dance Fusion's design studio, where they meet up with Sunny, who can still dance pretty well despite putting on a little weight since he quit dancing professionally.

Rin manages to win Sunny's approval and receive the Soul Marionette Coord after showing him her dancing, but is disappointed to hear that Sunny does not plan on dancing with Johnny again. During their next dance lesson, Johnny explains to Rin that although he and Sunny are following different paths now, they are still a team. Rin mulls over Johnny's words until she comes across Akari, Sumire, Hinaki, and Juri Kurebayashi. She comes to understand what Johnny said after witnessing her upperclassman support each other even though they have their own separate activities. After meeting up once again with Sunny and informing him of her dreams, the day of the Super Dance World event arrives, and Rin performs MY SHOW TIME! in her new dress.

A Unit's Magic

In Episode 130, Rin is approached by Sumire, who asks Rin to form a unit with her. Sumire believes that their unit single fits Rin's dancing perfectly, and after looking over the lyric sheet, Rin agrees to partner up with Sumire. Madoka educates Rin on past idol units, saying that it's important for units to exhibit the best side of each member. Rin and Sumire begin training together, but Rin tries too hard to live up to Sumire's expectations and sprains her ankle, leading Johnny to forbid her from dancing. Feeling guilty for jeopardizing their upcoming unit debut, Rin suggests for Sumire to pick a new partner.

Sumire refuses to give up on Rin, however, and instead plans on taking on the live herself with Rin as her dance coach. Rin accepts, and during the dance practice, Sumire reveals to Rin that she's resolved to making their unit succeed because she can feel fate from within their song. On the day of the concert, Sumire unveils their unit song, Tutu・Ballerina. After the performance, she declares that this concert was initially meant to be a unit concert, and that the song's full potential could not be reached with just her. Sumire introduces Rin as her partner, with the declaration that she will make Rin shine, and Rin will make her shine in return.

During a meeting with Orihime and Johnny, Rin and Sumire reveal their unit name - Dancing Diva - with the "dancing" representing Rin's love for dance, and the "diva" expressing Sumire's love for singing. Orihime reveals that the same company that wanted Sumire as their image girl for a new shampoo has contacted her and expressed their desire to have Tutu・Ballerina as the jingle for their commercial. Following that, the unit is given their schedule, and Rin is shocked at how busy it is. Starting off with song recording, Dancing Diva heads off to a pre-recording meeting where Rin's nervousness almost gets a hold of her. Rin becomes lost as to what she and Sumire are meant to be doing at the meeting, and Sumire explains to her that they're going to discuss specifics about the commercial.

Sumire gives Rin advice concerning her voice in preparation for the next day, and in return, Rin helps Sumire loosen up during recording. A few days later, Rin expresses herself in a moment of happy disbelief as she and Sumire peruse the Tutu・Ballerina CD's out on sale. After an autograph session, Rin and Sumire discuss Orihime's comment about how their unit's magic was only halfway full. Sumire believes that the first half was having found each other as partners, and they decide that to fill their magic completely, they need to shine together and the pair fall asleep together listening to Tutu・Ballerina. At their debut live, Dancing Diva performs in their new unit dresses made by Sunny - with the Dancing Night Coord for Rin - shining brighter than they ever could alone.


As classmates, they are really close and are good friends. They are also roommates.
  • Rin's elder sister
Their relationship is described as "hot."
Number one fan.
Her senpai. Rin watches Ozora Weather every morning.
Dance Fusion's top designer
Sumire is Rin's partner in Dancing Diva.
Minami is Rin's friend who attends Churaumi Beat Academy.



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  • Rin is 156cm tall.
  • Her zodiac sign is Capricorn.
    • Coincidentally, her birthday is on New Year's.
  • Her favorite food is deep fried shiratama anmitsu.
  • She has the same surname as Michiru Kurosawa, but written with slightly different kanji.
  • She is the second character to have streaks in her hair, the first being Mikuru Natsuki.
    • Coincidentally, both she and Mikuru debuted in Part 4 of their respective DCD series.
  • She is the second idol in the series to have once been a street dancer, following Ichigo Hoshimiya, who entered street dancing competitions during her time in America.
  • She shares her first name with Rin Hoshizora from Love Live!.
  • She shares her singing voice with Lisa Shirakaba.
  • She is the second character to perform in their first premium rare for the Starlight Queen Cup despite obtaining the second one prior to the performance.
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