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Rei Kamishiro
Japanese Name 神代(かみしろ) レイ
Romanized Name Kamishiro Rei
English Name Rei Kamishiro
Gender Male
Affiliation Futuring Girl
Occupation Top Designer
First Appearance
Anime Girl Meets Girl
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Kenji Nojima

Rei Kamishiro (神代 レイ) is one of the characters in Aikatsu!. He is the top designer of Futuring Girl.


Rei appears in Episode 40. He is the top designer of Futuring Girl, Aoi's favorite brand. He wanted to make a perfect dress but because of all the pressure he put onto himself, he never realized it was perfect the way it was. Rei locked himself in a shell until Aoi told him that it wasn't all about perfection. As thanks, he gave Aoi the premium cards, the Kaleido Mirror Coord.


Much like the Futuring Girl designs, Rei's ombre hair is a very futuristic color, from purple to light blue, and his eyes are a striking green. He has only been introduced for a short period of time and is most commonly seen in a no-sleeve vest. 


Rei is a very idealistic man who is always looking towards the future for new dress designs. He is also a perfectionist of sorts which was shown in Episode 40 where he locked himself in a shell because he believed his design wasn't perfect.


Kamishiro (神代) Kami () means god, and Shiro (), commonly pronounced as dai means generation.

Rei (レイ) is a Japanese unisex name which has different meanings depending on the Kanji used.


  • Rei's hair color is an inverse of Sora Kazesawa's hair. While Sora's is a blue to purple gradient, his is a purple to blue gradient.
  • The silhouette of the top designer of Futuring Girl in Episode 9 was different to his current appearance. In the silhouette, it was shown that he wore a cloak and had his hair in buns.
  • He shares his given name with Rei Kizaki from the Aikatsu Stars! series, as well as with Rei Ando from the Pripara series.


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