Raichi Hoshimiya
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Japanese Name 星宮らいち
Romanized Name Hoshimiya Raichi
English Name Raichi Hoshimiya
Age 9-10 (S1),

11-12 (S2), 13-14 (S3)

Gender Male
Occupation Student
First Appearance
Anime I Can Become an Idol?
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Asami Seto (Japanese)
Leni M Tarra (Indonesian)
Raichi Hoshimiya (星宮らいち Hoshimiya Raichi) is Ichigo Hoshimiya's little brother. He is a huge fan of Mizuki Kanzaki, influencing Ichigo to become a fan herself. Raichi had a collection of Mizuki's photographs, which were accidentally damaged by Ichigo.

He helps his mother run a bento shop and highly admires Aoi Kiriya.


Raichi is a big idol fan, so much to the point that Aoi has taken him under her wing in idol fandom. His relationship with Ichigo is that of a typical brother-sister acquaintance-type; they have their differences, but he still looks up to her in the sense that she is his older sister. This is commonly shown throughout the series, one of the most prominent being when he tried to keep her from seeing the photos of Mizuki he took and when Ichigo answered his question on the radio.

At first Raichi didn't have much confidence in Ichigo becoming an idol, but as time went on, he gradually began to see her talent and becomes impressed by her role as an idol.


Raichi has rust-colored hair and eyes, and is usually depicted in a teal-blue and yellow outfit.


Ichigo is Raichi's older sister.
Raichi highly admires Aoi and is her number one fan.
Raichi is a huge fan of Mizuki.
Ringo is Raichi's mother.
Taichi is Raichi's father.
Noeru and Raichi are friends and worked on Raichi's Aikatsu! Newspaper together.


Hoshimiya (星宮) Hoshi () means star. Miya () means shrine.

Raichi (らいち) literally means lychee in Japanese, which usually written as "荔枝" in kanji. This name comes after his mother's name, Ringo, which means apple.


  • In one of the episodes, Raichi is shown to have the ability to sense, or rather, "smell", an idol's aura.
    • Because of this ability, Raichi was able to correctly guess that his mother was actually "Miya" of the legendary idol unit Masquerade in episode 47.
  • The name he used to write to a radio show is "Raichingale", which is a pun on Nightingale.
  • His name probably alludes to the lychee fruit, considering the fruit theme in the family names and the L on his shirt.
  • He shares the same seiyū with Shion Kamiya.
  • Raichi went to the same school as Noeru, Seira Otoshiro's younger sister, until Noeru transferred to Dream Academy.


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