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PowaPowa Puririn
Leader Otome Arisugawa
Type Pop
Status Active
"Powapowa-Puririn! Powa-ring up!"

– Their group catchphrase

Powapowa-Puririn (ぽわぽわプリリン) (stylized as Powa×2Puririn!!!) is an idol unit made up of students from Starlight School. The group consists of Otome ArisugawaSakura Kitaōji, and Shion Kamiya.




Powapowa Puririn has yet to have their debut live with their own song. However, they have a tentative debut song written by Otome:

  リズムはポップコーン ポンポンはねるポップコーン

Powapowa-Puririn also used various songs for stage performances, and those are:


ぽわぽわ and プリリン are not regular Japanese, but Otome-language so to call. ぽわぽわ and プリリン can be said kinds of onomatopoeias.

ぽわぽわ means lightly, softly, a nice and warm feeling.
プリリン means pop, a fresh and jellylike feeling.
That is, ぽわぽわプリリン means a sweet and happy feeling (when girls eat delicious sweets).


STAR☆ANIS involvement

In the anime series, the Powapowa-Puririn unit was called upon by Headmistress Orihime of Starlight School to join STAR☆ANIS after Tristar and Soleil were merged for the planned summer tour. During a press conference held by the unit, Shion announced that she declined the offer to join STAR☆ANIS for their summer tour to focus on her acting; however, she would still be a part of Powapowa-Puririn.

Current Activity

During the time Ichigo Hoshimiya was in America, their carefree, easy-going nature won them the hearts of many fans. The unit also has a television program named after them. In the anime adaption, although not featured on a frequent basis, the group is still in active status via being seen hosting certain events and participating in festivals including, but not limited to, the Great Starlight School Festival (season 3).


  • "うきうきポップキャンディー (Ukiuki Poppu Kyandī)" on Otome's song may advertise a product released after her image named "Ukiuki Pop Candy."
  • Their official unit dress is the Dreamy Candy Coord.
  • The unit is ranked second in the "Unit" category of the Aikatsu Ranking.
  • Their singing voices are provided by the members of Flash Fractal (Remi - Otome, Eri - Sakura, Yuna - Shion).
  • This is the second season one introduced unit to perform in season two and the first to have their first performance in a different season than that of its debut.
    • Their debut performance also did not consist of their original members and did not have a song of their own.
  • Singing voices of Shion's temporary replacement and herself all are Yuna.
  • This is the second unit to be active in every season.
  • When discussing the colors of trio units in Episode 149, Juri Kurebayashi stated that Powapowa-Puririn has a "fluffy" color.
  • Powapowa-Puririn is the longest lasting unit in the series, having been together for 112 episodes without any form of hiatus.


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