Guide to choose the Cup.

Partners Cup (パートナーズカップ) is held on May 1 until June 1, 2014. Based after the WM's debut, the player can team up with a playable character to perform three times and overcome WM's performance. The rivals for the first and second plays are randomized.


Playable Partners

Locked Partners

By the starting of 2014 Series, Otome Arisugawa, Yurika Tōdō, Sakura Kitaōji, and Kaede Ichinose are re-locked, counting as a new idol that can be unlocked by winning their challenges if the player wants to team up with one of them. Sora Kazesawa and Maria Himesato are also locked since they debuted later in the series.

Additional Conditions

To participate in the cup, the player should have an active IC Card. The player cannot team up with Mizuki Kanzaki due to her being the player's opponent in the final stage.


Difficulty Stage Type
Present Present for Second Play
Stage 1
(Spicy Ageha)
Total Fan Up 【Small】
Stage 2
(Angely Sugar)
Total Fan Up 【Midst】
Stage 3
(Vivid Kiss)
My Chara Parts
Hair Style:
"Twin Fishbone"
Total Fan Up 【Large】
My Room Makeover Parts:
"Spring-Themed Bed 2"


  1. Choose "Partners Cup" on the audition choice screen
  2. Choose an available or unlocked partner
  3. Dress up the my chara avatar and the partner
  4. Perform on the stage!



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