Orihime Mitsuishi
Aikatsu mitsuiorihime
Japanese Name 光石(みついし) 織姫(おりひめ)
Romanized Name Mitsuishi Orihime
English Name Orihime Mitsuishi
Age around 30-40
Gender Female
Affiliation Masquerade (former)
Starlight School
Occupation Headmistress
Former top idol
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Part 6 (challenge campaign only)
Anime I Can Become an Idol?
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Kaya Matsutani
Singing Voice Risa Aizawa
Orihime Mitsuishi (光石織姫) is the headmistress of Starlight School. In the Data Carddass Aikatsu! game, she is the instructor for the player along with Johnny Bepp.


Orihime was once a member of the legendary idol unit Masquerade and was known as "Hime" (ヒメ lit. Princess). At the peak of Masquerade's popularity, she and her partner, Miya, disbanded with Hime removing her mask, and Miya leaving the stage without doing the same. As of now, Orihime is the current headmistress of Starlight School.



Orihime is an adult woman with dark blue eyes and medium-length, curly brown hair. She has a blue color scheme and is depicted in a fashionable suit with a powder blue scarf around her neck.


Orihime is a kind yet stern woman. She sometimes acts as a voice of guidance for the idols of Starlight School and rarely loses her cool. She is shown to be rather patient and has a high degree of faith in the idols of Starlight, especially Ichigo and her friends. In the anime, Orihime always keeps track of the activity going with her idols and tends to, as Johnny puts it, "search for excitement". Despite the fact that this claim was proved many times in the series, Orihime never truly denies it.


Mitsuishi (光石) Mitsu () means light, and Ishi () means stone.

Orihime (織姫) means the weaving princess. This name also belonged to the weaving princess in the popular folktale of "The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd", and is celebrated during the Tanabata. Orihime is also the Japanese name of the star Vega.


  • She is sometimes called "Gakuen Mother" (lit. Academy Mother) by Johnny Bepp.
  • Orihime is shown to be commonly annoyed by Johnny's various antics at times.
  • She is the first known idol to have a beauty mark, followed by Sora Kazesawa and Nono Daichi.
    • But her beauty mark is not always shown in each episode.
  • Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!! confirms her as a Sexy type idol.
  • She shares her singer with Elza Forte from the Aikatsu Stars! series.
    • Coincidentally, both characters are headmistresses of an idol academy and are (former or otherwise) top idols.


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