Aikatsu ichigo's home

Exterior view at evening.

Nandemo Bento (何でも弁当) is a lunch specialty restaurant run by Ichigo's mother Ringo Hoshimiya. It was Ringo's dream since she was a young girl to run a bento shop. The shop also houses the Hoshimiya family, Ichigo and her little brother Raichi Hoshimiya help run the shop while their father Taichi Hoshimiya is often away on business. 



The exterior of Nandemo Bento is very modest compared to most places, due to being the families home as well. The structure of the builing is white, while the top appears to be green-yellow. The windows have red detailing, and there is a white, three step piece where the door is. There are many small patches of flowers located around it also, such as in front of the windows, to the side of the entrance, and the roof above it.



Nandemo (何でも) means "anything", which may reference Ringo's ability to create any styles/variations of bentos.




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