"Aikatsu, Aikatsu! My effort isn't enough! I'm going to start practicing more!"
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Michiru Kurosawa
CenatCenut Aikatsu! - 18 24 michiru
Japanese Name 黒澤 ミチル
Romanized Name Kurosawa Michiru
English Name Michiru Kurosawa
Gender Female
Affiliation Starlight School
Occupation Idol
First Appearance
Anime Episode 08 - The Underground Sun
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Shiina Natsukawa

Michiru Kurosawa (黒澤 ミチル) is a classmate of Ichigo's and is known for having a dark exterior, but a shy personality. She is always seen with a skull on her shoulder where she keeps her mouse, Mister CoCo.



Michiru is a fair-pale skinned girl with long, flowing indigo hair with her thick bangs usually covering one of her light orange eyes. She has a beauty mark below her left eye. On her uniform Michiru has a cross decorated with small gems, instead of a star, and on her shoulder is an animal skull.





  • As confirmed in Episode 108, Michiru is a cool-type idol and her preferred brand is LoLi GoThiC.
  • She is the first known idol to own a pet.
  • She shares her last name with Rin Kurosawa, but written with slightly different kanji.
  • She shares her given name with Michiru Kouda from the Pripara series.


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