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Award: Best Top Desginer

Maya Yumekōji
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Japanese Name 夢小路 魔夜
Romanized Name Yumekōji Maya
English Name Maya Yumekōji
Age Claims to be over 300 years old
Gender Male
Affiliation LoLi GoThiC
Occupation Top Designer
First Appearance
Anime Vampire Scandal
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Toru Okawa (Japanese)
Ary Wibowo (Indonesia)

Maya Yumekōji (夢小路 魔夜) is one of the characters in Aikatsu!. He often looks like an evil count as part of his spooky personality. He is LoLi GoThiC's top designer.


Despite his sinister vibe, Maya is actually a humble and kind person who simply wants a strong girl to wear his designs. Because of this, he tests the people who visit his manor.


LoLi GoThiC is based on a spooky-looking mansion that Maya claims to have owned for over 300 years. He only wants his designs to be used by a strong person, much like Yurika Tōdō, who impresses him in not just her desire to be worthy of wearing his premium coord, but also her love for his brand. Maya also hires various staff members to help him test his visitors, like Johnny Bepp.

He has a pet bat named Alan who sometimes helps Yurika with jobs like commercial shooting, as shown in Episode 108.


Yumekoji (夢小路) Yume () means dream, Ko () means small, and Ji () means road or path.

Maya (魔夜) Ma () means evil spirit or devil, and Ya () means the night.


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