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Matsuri Hasegawa
Japanese Name 長谷川まつり
Romanized Name Hasegawa Matsuri
English Name Matsuri Hasegawa
Age 13-14
Gender Female
Affiliation THUNDERBOLTϟ
Occupation Idol
First Appearance
Anime Episode 102
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Asami Yano

Matsuri Hasegawa (長谷川まつり) is Yū's new roommate after she and Akari had to move from their old rooms due to severe water damage.



Matsuri has tanned skin and sharp, dull crimson eyes. She has long dirty-blonde hair with a partial wave and fluffy tented bangs that nearly reach her shoulders. She wears a light green headband with a gold heart clipped to the side.  


Matsuri appears to be somewhat quiet and curious, but kind and helpful. 


Yū Hattori

Matsuri became Yū's new roommate after Yū's previous room had serious water leakage. They later formed a new group for the partners' cup called Thunderbolt.


  • Based on her appearance, it's possible that Matsuri is a pop-type idol.
  • She shares her voice actress with Nina Dōjima.


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