Maria Himesato
Season 2 | Winter Uniform

Aikatsu! - mariahimesato

Japanese Name 姫里マリア
Romanized Name Himesato Maria
English Name Maria Himesato
Age 15-16 (S2)
16-17 (S3)
Gender Female
Affiliation Dream Academy
Dream Star (S2)
Aikatsu8 (S2)
Occupation Student
Birthday April 18
Blood Type O
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game 2014 Series - Part 1 (Campaign-only)

2014 Series - Part 3 (Official Debut)

Anime That Rocking Girl is the Dream☆Girl (minor)

Flower-Blooming Aurora Princess (official debut)

Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Misako Tomioka
Singing Voice Eri from STAR☆ANIS
Maria Himesato (姫里マリア Himesato Maria) is one of the main characters in the second season of Aikatsu! (both in the arcade game (2014 series) and the anime adaption). She is formally introduced as the fourth main girl representing the Dream Academy community, making her official debut in episode 68 of the anime adaption. Her preferred brand is Aurora Fantasy.


Maria is a student of Dream Academy who appears to be good friends with Sora Kazesawa, as they're often seen together since her official debut, and even in her cameo debut. She is a cute-type idol and one of Dream Academy's models. It appears that she – along with Sora – has gained popularity as they were both seen on the front cover of a magazine.

It was revealed in her debut episode that she is the daughter of a wealthy family who owns a farm in the mountains.


Maria has caramel colored hair that is styled into ringlets with a portion held up with a flower hair band. She has dark purple eyes and fair skin.


Maria is a kind, gentle and soft-spoken girl. She is very considerate, as shown in episode 69, when she took into account everyone's likes for her house party. Maria is very sweet and good with cosmetics.


Hime () means Princess, referencing to her being an "ojō-sama" and Sato () means village; most likely referring to her home in the mountains which is located near a village.

Maria (マリア) has many translations. In Latin it can mean "wished for child" or "star of the sea". Despite the name's non-Japanese origin, it has decent popularity as a girl's name in Japan.



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