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Manabu Ōzora
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Japanese Name 大空 学
Romanized Name Ōzora Manabu
English Name Manabu Ōzora
Gender Male
Occupation Geologist
First Appearance
Anime A Warm☆Japanese New Year
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Seiro Ogino

Manabu Ōzora (大空 (まなぶ)) is the father of Akari Ōzora and the husband of Koharu Ōzora. He is a geologist who is very passionate about his work.




In terms of personality, Manabu is a lot like his daughter. He's energetic and is passionate about his work as a geologist to the point of constantly going into an enthusiac ramble about soil and the earth (much to the dismay of Akari). He often dotes on Akari, and becomes dishearted when she rebuffs him. Overall, he's a good father who cares very much for his wife and daughter.




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