"Shining so brilliantly, it's... Luminas!"

– Luminas' group catchphrase

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Leader Akari Ōzora
Type Cute
Status Active

Luminas (ルミナス Ruminasu) is an idol unit consisting of Akari Ōzora, Sumire Hikami and, Hinaki Shinjō. The unit debuted in the 2015 Series - Part 6 and in Episode 147 of the anime.


Unit Information


Unit Dresses

Town Musicians of Bremen

The first unit dresses of Luminas are coords from the Dream Story Town Musicians of Bremen, each having their coords made by their favourite brand.

Music Awards

Luminas use their Dream Story Coords from their favourite brands to perform the song Pretty Pretty in the Aikatsu! Music Awards.

Prism Light Coords

Shining like the light refracted by a prism, these are Luminas' second unit coord that is also used for their Japan Tour.

Kyoto Halloween Show

During their stay in Kyoto to attend a television program in Episode 156, Luminas had used Boom Dresses from their favourite brands.




  • This is the seventh known unit in which they already have a group aura by their debut performance.
  • This is the ninth unit in which there are unit dresses that are brand designs.
    • This is the second unit in which there are unit dresses that are Story Dresses.
    • This is the second unit in which there unit dresses that are in different rarities.
    • This is the second unit to have more than one set of unit dresses.
    • This is the fourth unit to have brandless unit dresses.
  • Their unit name is homophonous to the word "luminous", which means brilliant or dazzling. The name was thought up by Hinaki after Akari and Sumire referred to her as brilliant.
  • Their unit pose mirrors Soleil's, with Akari and Ichigo standing with their feet apart, Sumire and Aoi with one foot in front of the other, and Hinaki and Ran with one leg raised.
  • Hinaki is the only member of this unit to never make a mistake during a performance.


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