Lucy Kisaragi
螢幕快照 2015-10-29 下午09.15.26
Japanese Name 如月ルーシー
Romanized Name Kisaragi Rūshī
Gender Female
Affiliation Dolly Devil
Occupation Top Designer
First Appearance
Anime Little Devil Happening
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Ryoko Shiraishi

Lucy Kisaragi (如月ルーシー) is the top designer of Dolly Devil.


Lucy's office, the Plaza Building is located in a prime location in the district of fashion, Harajuku.


Lucy is a thin adult woman with vivid blue eyes and long, wavy blonde hair streaked with lavender, normally worn back in a ponytail or pigtails and a black headband. She has a beauty mark to the lower left of her lips, and she wears red lipstick and is shown painting her nails. She normally wears silver heart earrings. When going on a "Happening Hunt" she dons a short black dress with a light pink blazer and two-tone sunglasses.


Similar to Sora, Lucy is a free spirit who goes at her own pace which causes trouble for her subordinates. She is a friendly and bright woman who has a tendency to wander off in the midst of work to go on what she calls "Happening Hunts" in search of situations that will spark her creativity. She is perky and playful.


Lucy is a feminine English or French given name derived from Latin word "lux" which means light.

Kisaragi (如月) is a traditional name for February in the Japanese calendar. The kanji means "to wear more clothes/changing clothes" or "the rebirth of plants". Though the meaning isn't as deep as the traditional names of the other months, as March, along with April, is one of the first Spring months, "kisaragi" refers to the seasons about to change and thus is time to change clothes and for plants to be reborn.




  • It's possible that Lucy herself may be a gyaru, based on her appearance and mannerisms.
  • She shares three similarities with the titular character of Cutey Honey in her civilian form: She has the same last name, blue eyes, and long, blonde hair, but Honey lacks hair streaks.


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