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This page is an article about the Data Carddass Aikatsu! tournament "Koh-haku Aikatsu Gassen". For other uses, please go to Koh-haku Aikatsu Gassen (disambiguation).

Koh-haku Aikatsu Gassen (紅白アイカツ合戦 lit. Red and White Aikatsu Battle/Tournament) is a tournament held by December 26, 2013 until January 15, 2014.


The participant will make a stage performance, and make 30 coins to meet Kī Saegusa, and if the participant get 31 coins, they will meet one of the characters listed below. If the participant passed, they will receive a My Room Parts: "Winter Floor" (冬っぽい床 Fuyu-ppoi Yuka).

The song featured is KIRA☆Power (Cool - Live).

Characters Participating

Presents Achieved

Coins Present
30 Wallpaper Parts: Happy New Year
120 1000 points of Experience
300 5000 fans