Japanese Name キング
Romanized Name Kingu
English Name King
Gender Male
Affiliation More Than True
Occupation Drummer
First Appearance
Anime Episode 11 (in mention)

Episode 44 (official appearance)

Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Satoshi Hino

King (キング Kingu) is a minor character in Aikatsu!.


King is the drummer of More Than True who rarely plays when other members are performing roadside shows. He has known Naoto longer than the other members.


At first glance, King appears to be your everyday punk-like thug. With his mohawk-like hairstyle and his dark clothing, it's easy to mistake him as a troublemaker. King has red and black hair, and he is often seen wearing his studded, black collar.


The first impression of King is that he is a brash and knuckle-headed type of guy, however, that's hardly ever the case. When King first debuted, he had stormed to the gates of the Starlight Academy, demanding to see Naoto. Only when the guards had stopped him did he leave the area. Later on, after hearing Naoto's true opinions about him and their fight, and being moved by Soleil's performance, he shows that he's a soft person that's easily moved to tears when emotional.


  • According to Naoto, he works harder than any other member.


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