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Kī Saegusa
Season 2 | Winter Uniform

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Japanese Name 冴草(さえぐさ) きい
Romanized Name Saegusa Kī
English Name Kī Saegusa
Age 14-15 (S2)
15-16 (S3)
16-17 (S4)
Gender Female
Affiliation Dream Academy
Dream Star (S2)
Occupation Student
Birthday December 3rd
Blood Type O
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game 2014 Series - Part 1
Anime That Rocking Girl is the Dream☆Girl
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Chuna
Kim Hyeon-ji (Korean)
Singing Voice Yuna from STAR☆ANIS
Kim Hyeon-ji (Korean)

– Kī's main catchphrase.

Kī Saegusa (冴草 きい Saegusa Kī) is one of the new main characters introduced in the 2014 series of the Data Carddass Aikatsu! game and the related anime adaption along with Seira Otoshiro.

Like Seira, Kī is one of the main girls representing Dream Academy. She is a pop type idol whose primary brand is Magical Toy.



Kī has bright blonde hair with puffy, balloon-like twintails, each tied with a green ribbon and cerulean eyes. When not performing, she usually wears her red glasses.


As a pop-type idol, Kī is very cheerful and energetic. She has a habit of saying certain words twice or even thrice before ending a phrase or sentence. This is revealed to be an influence from her mother who would do the same. Kī states that her mother is "her producer", having been her main boat of support and confidence in her childhood.


Saegusa (冴草): Sae () means (to be) skillful, possibly referring to her talent as a producer and Gusa ( kusa) means grass.

(きい) doesn't have a specific meaning and could be explained in many ways. It is often associated with Japanese actress Kī Kitano (北乃きい).


Kī first appeared during Seira's debut, telling Seira not to tell Aoi Kiriya her entire background which she ended up telling in the process. During her childhood, Kī was a very shy girl with no friends. She stated that she was jealous of all the other girls in class, because they were cute, and she wasn't. Kī's mother noticed her dilemma and subsequently casted a "spell" on her daughter to give her self-confidence so that she may be cute. Because of this, Kī has been able to grow more confident in herself, and eventually entered Dream Academy where she was introduced to Seira; becoming her producer and later on, an idol.


  • She is 153cm tall.
  • Kī's favorite beverage is Brain Thunder and her favorite food is Pon Pon Crepes, and her least favorite is spicy curry.
  • Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.
  • She is the fourth idol who didn't wear her basic coord for her debut.
  • Her aura is composed of a single toy alicorn that wears a pearl necklace, bubbles filled with whimsical objects, and smaller bubbles.
    • The alicorn in Kī's aura bares a striking resemblance to Opal from Jewel Pet.
  • She shares her singing voice and brand with Kaede Ichinose.
    • This makes her the second idol to share her singer with another character.
    • She and Kaede later share their singing voice with Ran Shibuki and Shion Kamiya.
  • She is the third idol to wear glasses.
  • She and her mother used to name the accessories they made, but now they refer to them by number.
  • Kī's weakness is said to be small talk.
  • She gets her first Premium Coord - the Unicorn Sagitto Coord - in Episode 66.
  • She is the first known idol to perform the Pop Flash special appeal.
  • As of Episode 91, Kii is the only main character not to have been in an official unit.
    • As a result of this, she is the only first generation main character to have never performed alongside Mizuki.
  • It was revealed in Episode 95 that Kī went through Aikatsu! Boot Camp.
  • Kī is the only idol from Dream Academy to not debut in her Premium.
  • She is also the second idol to not perform in her debut episode.
  • She is the only Season 2 main character who has not once sung SHINING LINE*.


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