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"Gracias, in other words, I'm glad to have become friends with all of you."

– Juri to Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki in Episode 110

Juri Kurebayashi
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Japanese Name 紅林 珠璃 (くればやし じゅり)
Romanized Name Kurebayashi Juri
English Name Juri Kurebayashi
Age 13-14 (S3)
14 (S4)
Gender Female
Affiliation Starlight School
Vanilla Chili Pepper
Occupation Idol
Birthday July 31
Blood Type O
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game 2015 Series - Part 2
Anime Episode 109
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Aya Saitō
Singing Voice Miho from AIKATSU☆STARS!

Juri Kurebayashi (紅林 珠璃 Kurebayashi Juri) is one of the main characters of the Data Carddass Aikatsu! 2015 Series and Season 3 of the anime. She is a sexy-type idol using Sangria Rosa as her primary brand.


Juri is a new idol who's stirring up a passionate wind at the academy in her quest to become a great actress.


Juri has violet eyes and long, wavy crimson red hair tied up into a high ponytail that is slightly swung off to the side. She also wears a yellow ruffled flower hair accessory with a small purple gem hanging from a golden chain on her ponytail.


Juri is described as being "hot" by Akari and many others. She is very passionate about becoming an actress and is very passionate in general. She's also very hard-working and aims to become an actress all her own.


Kurebayashi (紅林) Kure ( kurenai) means crimson red which may be a reference to her theme color and Bayashi ( hayashi) means grove, woods, or forest.

Juri (珠璃) Ju ( tama) means pearl and Ri () means glass or glassy. This may be a reference to her brand's Romance Story, Cinderella.


Juri is the daughter of the famous actress, Karen Kurebayashi, and well-known Spanish chef, Serio Kamino. She would often take jobs when she was younger, and sometimes they were with Hinaki who described her as a tender soul back then. Juri had always wanted to be an actress and didn't realize that people were giving her jobs just because she's Karen's daughter which was a bad thing until one day she saw just how hard her mother was working. Realizing she needed to change, she stopped taking jobs and practiced near tirelessly until she felt confident enough in her own acting abilities. When she felt she was ready, she took the Starlight transfer exams and passed, planning to become an actress all on her own.


Aikatsu's Hot Wind

A Brand's Passion

Three Different Colors

Juri, Madoka and Rin decided to participate in the Great Starlight School Festival and decided to form a unit named Vanilla Chili Pepper, based on their favorite foods that best fits their images. Sexy dress that uses distinctive colors to shine brightly were Chili Gold Coord (Juri's), Vanilla Gold Coord (Madoka's) and Pepper Gold Coord (Rin's).

The Queen's Passion

Juri has prepared her performance for the Starlight Queen Cup, and has obtained her second premium rare, the Señorita Scheherazade Coord.


When they first met, Akari had pointed out many times that Juri was very "hot". When Juri had told everyone that she had no plans for new years, Akari offered that Juri stayed with her. Juri admires Akari and her determination and aims to be like that as well.
Juri and Hinaki were childhood friends when they were little. They often took jobs together and were shown to get along well with each other. When the two meet again in the future, Hinaki is surprised by Juri's new heat, wondering what happened to the gentle girl she once knew. It was shown that Juri still remembered her friendship with Hinaki, even pausing in the middle of training when she saw her. After the two made amends with how Juri had changed, they were shown to still retain that friendship they had. They end up forming a duo unit known as Passionate✮Jalapeño following the debut of Dancing Diva.
At Episode 174, Lisa became Juri's partner for the drama and asked few things about Starlight Queen Cup, Juri answered friendly.


"That Aikatsu! Sensei part is mine. I won't let anyone else have it!"

– Juri's "declaration" during her debut entrance in Episode 109


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  • Her zodiac sign is Leo.
  • Her favorite foods are ham and Paella.
  • Her specialty is Flamenco and ballet.
  • Before the revelation of her real name, Juri had received two major nicknames from the Aikatsu fandom: Flamenco Girl and Seira's clone.
  • According to her profile from Ciao magazine, she is 158 cm tall.
  • Juri's mother is an actress as well. This makes her the second idol whose parent has, or used to have, the same profession as their daughter.
  • She is the second idol to transfer into Starlight School in the middle of the school year.
  • Her catchphrase is "Gracias, in other words, thank you" (グラシアス、つまりありがとう Gurashiasu, tsumari arigatō).
  • She is the only Starlight protagonist (1st and 2nd generation-wise) and the only protagonist overall to debut in a drama.
    • She is also the only 2nd generation Starlight protagonist to debut in their Premium Rare Coord for a stage performance.
    • She is also the third idol to not perform in her debut episode.
  • Juri is the second main character whose singing voice is provided by someone outside of STAR☆ANIS.
  • According to Juri, when she sleeps she occasionally shouts "Gracias!".
  • She is the third idol to have her hair match her main color scheme.
  • She shares her singing voice with Nono Daichi.
  • She is the first idol to perform a fever appeal without a fever dress.