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Ikuyo Inamura
Aikatsu ikuyo.png
Japanese Name 稲村 郁代(いなむら いくよ)
Romanized Name Inamura Ikuyo
English Name Ikuyo Inamura
Age Around 40
Gender Female
First Appearance
Anime Love Under the Camphor Tree
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Mari Yokō

Ikuyo Inamura (稲村 郁代 Inamura Ikuyo) is a minor character who supported Otome to obtain her Tropical Basket Coord as on Love Under the Camphor Tree.



Ikuyo is an elderly woman with dark red eyes and pink lips. Her short silver hair is curled inward and adorned with an accessory to the side of her head. As a young girl she was shown with long brown hair worn in twin braids.


Ikuyo, similar to normal people around her age dislikes how younger people these days tend to behave. Such as not acting apropriately as they bump one-another. She is very determined and does not give up very easily when she puts her mind to things.


An elderly lady that Otome met in town while she was trying to find Makoto. She came back to find a camphor tree where she had her first love confession when she was a young girl. 

After being rejected by her first love through family circumstances, she met her husband. She has 3 grown up children and her husband is now bedridden.