Idols (アイドル Aidoru) are performers or entertainment personalities. They consists of singers, dancers, fashion models, and other media personalities who perform and set good examples for their fans and those watching.


Idols are generally made up of young people in their preadolescent years to their late teen years. Their youth is the key to their image as it gives them a passionate style and an admired image. Most idols begin their career as a child (child idol or chidol), then work their way up. Idols can perform solo or can band together to form teams known as "idol units".

Part of an idol's fame lay within their public image. Because of this, there are a few key conditions that idols must follow in order to maintain a good public image: idols must stay polished, maintain their appeal and image as a cute, cool, and sexy figure, they must stay physically fit to dance elegantly, and finally, idols must dress for success. Idols must also always find time to support their fans. It is because of this, and the "pure" or "wholesome" image idols must carry that love is forbidden as idols must care for all rather than one.

Aikatsu! Involvement

In the Aikatsu! franchise universe, the world of idols is run through a special program known as the Aikatsu System. Idols participate in activities, known as "auditions", to develop their skills by means of doing live on-stage performances or fashion shows. At certain times, they may even be called to be part of a drama audition event as well. Special cards are used in the program to dress up idols with stylish clothes. Concert live and fashion show stage performances are presented in a computer CGI setting.

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