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Honoka Tsukikage
Japanese Name 月影ほのか
Romanized Name Tsukikage Honoka
English Name Honoka Tsukikage
Gender Female
Occupation Artist Manager
First Appearance
Anime I Want to Know More About You
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Yuu Asakawa

Honoka Tsukikage (月影ほのか) is Mizuki Kanzaki's manager.


She is Mizuki Kanzaki's manager. She knows all Mizuki's secrets. Mizuki trusts her completely.


Her personality is a little strict and quiet. She seems to be a very reliable person and does her job carefully, and she also cares about Mizuki's well being.


She has curly, dark hair that usually covers one of her blue-purple eyes. Her skin appears to be fair. Her colorscheme is primarily dark and formal, while her foot wear appears more casual and lighter.



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